About The Peachland Advocate

This website is a bit of a test to determine the level of commitment that Peachland citizens have toward influencing their governance.

People will often complain, but rarely ever put themselves out there to showcase their ideas and dreams for the township. We are excited for the quality of this current Mayor and council. This, by no means, is an indication that we think there will be perfect. We all know there will be good times and bad. If you look at court records where townships have gotten into trouble, it comes down to “due diligence.” Here is a quote from one such ruling:

Liabilities for Councillors

The effect of this section has been tempered however by the recent decision in Orchiston v. Formosa, 2014 BCSC 2072, in which the Court held the councillors were protected from personal liability where they relied, in good faith, on advice from the municipal solicitor and administrative staff. This provides elected officials with a defence of good faith under this section.

In order for our elected officials to “act in good faith”, we need to insure that they are apprised of wht the citizens are calling for. The Peachland Advocate hope to build a consensus among residents and make all of the data available to council so that they can indeed “operate in good faith.”