News And Information The "Special Interests" Won't Normally Disclose


COVID Narrative Collapsing!

I've been pounding this issue since they first announced this covid hoax a year ago. Anyone who has ever studied science and who can do their own research could easily see that the COVID hoax was purely to depress people and the economy in an effort to take down President Trump.

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Fenbendazole for Cancer

Edmond man says cheap drug for dogs cured his cancer

Results suggested that fenbendazole inhibits tumour cell growth in vivo by inducing apoptosis of tumour cells. Cancer cells are known to show increased glucose uptake for their energy requirements. So, researchers tested the effect of fenbendazole on glucose uptake in human cancer cells.

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Cancer Treatment

How Curing Cancer in Dogs is Helping Humans, Too

By the time you get to the end of this sentence, another dog will be diagnosed with cancer. It happens every five seconds, on average, affecting roughly 60 million dogs a year. But a new area of cancer research is offering hope, not only to dogs, but to humans as well.

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The Truth Hurts

What's Really Happening In the USA!

This fellow's name is Dave Hayes. Online he's known as “ThePrayingMedic.” Dave is a senior Health Services Worker in the US Ambulance service. Dave has followed the issue since 2016 and has some great insights about what is going on. Regardless of your current cognitive dissonance, it would help if you watched this because it will ease the stress you feel once Trump is announced for his second term.

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voter fraud

What They Don't Tell You About The US Election

Anywhere you go in Canada, you'll find people all dissing the United States' current president. These people have been propagandized for the past four years to believe that this man is the worst of all persons to run a presidency. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

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