The Peachland Advocate is simply a small online presence for local lateral thinkers.  You'll read opinions here that often run counter to the standard progressive and globalist narrative.

You might find the blog overly critical of both local politicians and even some local citizens.  Democracies are difficult mechanisms to manage. In a democracy, the majority rules.  Except in a liberal democracy, the system is turned on its head. The majority is deemed to be unfair to special interest groups, minorities, and those too timid to come out of the shadows.

This presents a governance problem.  The trick is to find the right balance that allows democracy to thrive, and at the same time protect the interests of the aforementioned groups.  This is a very difficult task, and one that all politicians are very aware of.

The only way we all win is if we can have a reasoned dialog at every step of the decision-making process.  And having said that, the next problem is introduced with the emergence, in the past few years, of the new progressive-liberal base.  They won't discuss facts. They won't enter any kind of dialog. And they will aggressively vilify anyone who challenges their narrative.