Peachland Advocate represents a new kind of news and information tool. We are a platform here to advocate for all voices. When we receive letters and correspondence from people who feel left out of the process, we'll try to cover their points of view.

We are intensely focused on the worldwide pandemic hoax at the moment. Most of our content in the past few months is focused on exposing the lies and obfuscations from corrupt politicians and leaders.

Make no mistake – anyone who tries to tell you that COVID is a big problem and that you should mask up and get jabbed with their bioweapon – well… .this person is your enemy. This attack on your intelligence must come to an end!

Citizens often don't realize the power they have in numbers. They are constantly beaten down by bureaucratic red tape to the point where they often lose hope and give up the fight. We think this is wrong.

We hope that by shining a bright light on the cockroaches that govern you we will be able to help expose the game in real-time.

Are we angry and belligerent? You're damn right we are. If you are trying to push your agenda that harms people, we will find you and shine the brightest possible light on your pathetic existence.