Another Vaxx Death Close To Home

This is much too close to home.  It's one thing when the statistics on the ‘vaccine' deaths roll in on the Internet, but this – it's too close. This information came from one of my siblings. I post here only in hope that some of you can wake up. Not all of you, but a good number of citizens here in Peachland have become apocalyptic zombies. You are so easily fooled. When the government, all health authorities, all media, and all those in power push so hard for you to take any action, does this NOT raise some red flags? Global TV, CBC, Health Canada, Bonnie Henry, and all of the apocalyptic gang are DEAD WRONG on this story. They cannot hide the bodies. That is, in the final analysis, what is going to bring them down. Why does it have to take a death in YOUR family to wake you up?

Fear The Walking Vaxxed

Got a call this morning about the wife of a classmate from high school – [Name Redacted].  His wife [Redacted] died last night from blood clots.  She's still in her house as of this morning while they investigate, but the preliminary finding is clotting.  

She had her second shot last week.  We know that this injection has killed over 45,000 in Europe, but this is the first time it's been this close.  Given the ‘media' today they'll likely report this as ‘death by drowning'.  Telling the truth is simply not going to happen.  

I guess we'd all better brace ourselves.  I had hoped and prayed that the information on the massive problems with this ‘vaccine' would turn out to be a hoax, but as the data rolls in, it's the ‘vaccine' that is turning out to be the hoax.  I suspect many will remain in their trance, disbelieving, clinging tenaciously to ‘the authorities'.  You'd think, given that it's their LIFE that's on the line, they'd be at least a little bit vigilant.  Apparently not!!

ps  [Redacted] was here picking blueberries last week.  She comes every year.  Has for the past 10 years or so.  Bright.  Very upbeat.  Very positive attitude.  Not a problem, other than her arthritis which caused her to need a wheelchair. 

We got onto the subject of the injections and I advised her not to do it, but you can see the glass eye syndrome show up with many people when you try to explain to them that they've been had.  I guess it is just not possible to save the entire world.  Simply focus on those you can.  This gives credence to the Mark Twain quotation:

“It is easier to fool the people than to convince them they have been fooled.

― Mark Twain

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