Dan Albas Supports The Liberal’s Covid Agenda!

In September, we need to send a strong message to the owners of the three traditional parties. We need to show them that "The Game is Over." We need to send PPC candidates... Read more »
Proof of no pandemic

Proof There’s No Pandemic!

When I was growing up, there were always plenty of intelligent people around. When I attended University, there were plenty of critics who could challenge any of my medical essays and verify... Read more »

Protect Yourself from The Virus!

Covid Hoax

Vaccines and Discrimination

Listen to the testimony of Dr. Christina Parks testimony in Michigan on August 19, 2021for Bill HB4471. The Vax world is about to come crashing down on their heads! Read more »
Stew Peters

WOW! Former Pfizer Employee: “Checkmate! Game Over! We WIN!”

Kingston joins Stew Peters, and brings the receipts! Kingston reveals how the FDA "approval" is sure to be the "checkmate" move to end the shots that have caused unprecedented injury and death,... Read more »

Even The PRO-Vaxxers Hate Trudeau!

This is kind of important. The enemy of my enemy is my friend! As you'll hear in this catchy video, even the PRO-VAXXERS can't stand this moron! He is... Read more »
F**k Trudeau

Trudeau campaign rally canceled over security concerns amid protests

Alright. Something's up. My radar is beeping on this. So early into the campaign and already Trudeau is getting booed out of one community after the other. If this... Read more »
Evil Blackrock

A Great Day For Freedom Over Tyranny!

Well then, Blackrock. You should govern yourselves accordingly as your empire is about to be crushed. Today was just one good day in our march to victory. Not only... Read more »
Kate Dalley

The CDC Covid Protocols are What is Killing People

My husband WALKED out of the ICU in just 3 1/2 days. Fastest ICU patient in history of Cov. What we did. What to tell others. It's not "blovid"- the protocol is... Read more »
Bonnie Henry

Bonnie Henry Suit Filed!

It's been a long road, but finally, we are here. Bonnie Henry will be the first official to lose her home and livelihood as a result of her stance on this... Read more »

People’s Party Of Canada Messaging!

I've worked a lot of elections in my 67 years on this rock. Working with Preston Manning and the Reform Party was very exciting and offered ground-breaking insight into the political... Read more »