BC Attorney General Eby Under Fire

I received this document today. I had to read it five times! In one of the best-written and most articulate depictions of the problem we face today, Kari Simpson outlines what is coming for Attorney General David Eby and the rest of the BC government ‘Officials' that continue to commit these crimes.

October 1, 2021

RE: Urgent Legal Matters

Dear Sir,

As this province continues to plummet into crisis, discord and medical chaos, I write to serve notice to you that your conduct (or lack thereof), specifically as it relates to your statutory duties as Chief law enforcement officer for the province of British Columbia, can no longer be ignored.

The office of the Attorney General has obligations not only to the Lieutenant Governor, the Executive Council, and the administration of justice; but also, most importantly, to the people of British Columbia.

As Attorney General, either you have failed in your duties to properly advise the Executive Council or they have failed to listen. You are duty bound to have availed yourself of the vast amount of COVID related information, from all reliable sources—not just those convenient to one narrative.

You are duty bound, as legal advisor, to inform the Executive Counsel when their orders, or orders issued by those empowered by statute to make orders, infringe without lawful justification on the rights of those living in British Columbia. These rights include not only our Charter Rights, but also those found in the BC Human Rights Code—a Code with which you, as former head of the BC Civil Liberties Association, are very familiar.

written by Kari Simpson of CultureGuard.com

You can download the entire document HERE!

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