Bio-Terrorism By Vaccination!

Today's feature article is a primer on the covid hoax and bioweapon attack that you are all experiencing right now. The video below is a must watch for anyone interested in protecting themselves. You can call us “conspiracy theorists” all you want. But the bottom line is: “Are you willing to bet your life on this matter?”

I already have too many close and personal contacts that have suffered from this Vaccine drive. My friend in Abbotsford got the jab on Thursday and died on Saturday. A good friend here in Peachland took the jab despite her suspicions and ended up in Kelowna Hospital a few days later. A good friend of my wife reported that her son who works in Alberta was transferred to hospital after suffering myocarditis from the vaccine. Today, the CDC is holding an emergency meeting to review the number of myocarditis reactions.

Read Megan Redshaw's account of this myocarditis situation below:

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