Canada – A View From The Street

My Fellow Canadians:
by Laura K (Summerland, BC)

I woke up this morning with a need to record the words that have been laid on my heart.

I spent the last week on the main street of my town of Summerland, gathering nomination signatures for my candidate. We needed 150 signatures just to get her onto the ballot.  I thought this would be a difficult task since during the last election there was little interest in my chosen party. 

Amazingly, my efforts turned into a very enjoyable and uplifting experience.  Some people just walked on by, but a remarkable number of others approached me asking to sign. Their mood ranged from “excited to see us there”, to “gratitude that some party had stood forward to offer something different from the status quo.”

The most common comment was “Canada is going in a direction that I do NOT agree with!”  

Their enthusiasm morphed into action.  Several of them not only signed the document, affirming the right for anyone to run as a candidate in an election, win or lose, but they took extra sheets home with them and invested the time to bring them back fully signed!  Some people even asked how long we would be there so they could bring back a family member to sign as well!

Many in this group represent a movement this is built by Canadians who decades ago stopped voting altogether, seemingly out of disgust or despair.  Interestingly, this non-voting group represents approximately 30% out of an estimated 37 million Canadians. We also come from all the legacy parties who have played “bait and switch” over and over again.  

It was exhilarating!  Canadians are awake and have clearly drawn the line in the sand.  The People’s Party of Canada are the ONLY ONES with a clear message, and the only ones offering something of value! 

I would be considered an “Old Stock Canadian” by Justin, although he is incorrect in his assessment of who exactly makes up this group.  Many Canadians share pride in this label from a variety of multiple ethnicities and have come from across the globe to make this country their home. 

We all share the knowledge that perseverance and hard work are the keys to success. We practice it every day in our lives.  We know how to delay gratification almost to a fault, but we also know family and friends are most important.   

We are the kind of warriors required for the unprecedented events we are experiencing, for it seems to me we have come to a critical moment.  Some have described it as our “do or die” moment for Canada.  One fellow told me that “when there’s no clear choice in the leftist opposition, the only thing that resonates is the TRUTH!

Fear no longer works.  It is our time to fight. We are no longer lions trying to wake up the sheep. We are lions trying to wake up other lions!

Our weapons are truth, justice, and love.  Many of our fellow Canadians have not yet realized the depth of this perilous moment in time.   

Our words have power and will manifest the reality we describe.  The notion of “splitting the vote” is a thing of the past because there are only two sides now, and my street experience this week tells me the current runs swift and deep.

Canadians are fed up with living in fear, and I suspect that the mainstream political mavens are about to learn a significant lesson.

I leave you with a metaphor.  The rudder is a very small part of the boat, but it controls the direction of the entire ship.  

You, my fellow Canadians, are the rudder that turns this ship back in the right direction.  

For me, that is the People's Party of Canada.

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