Rick Nicholls

Ontario MPP Stands up to Premier Ford

Rick Nicholls - a member of the provincial parliament for Chatham-Kent-Leamington. He takes a powerful stand here against the tyranny of the left. This is what is going to take... Read more »
Max Bernier

A Message from Max Bernier

Why is Mr. Trudeau calling an election today when he has been able to do whatever he wanted with a minority government? The ridiculous ads put out by the Conservative Party got... Read more »

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Trudeau Traitor

Canada Gets One Chance To Clean This Mess Up!

I would never have guessed that this PM would have the gumption to call this election now. Now is the time you are all suffering from the fear campaign that they... Read more »

Canada’s Pilots NOT Recommended to Take The Experimental Jab!

It has been a difficult 18 months so far in trying to educate citizens about the grave dangers they face by listening to and following the advice of government officials and health... Read more »

Are You Embarrassed That You Elected This Prime Minister?

Unlike the lowly Canadians he rules over, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jet-set over to Cornwall, England over the weekend to wine and dine with the world’s elites at the G7 meeting. Rules... Read more »