What’s Really Happening In the USA!

The Truth Hurts

This fellow’s name is Dave Hayes. Online he’s known as “ThePrayingMedic.” Dave is a senior Health Services Worker in the US Ambulance service. Dave has followed the issue since 2016 and has some great insights about what is going on. Regardless of your current cognitive dissonance, it would help if you watched this because it will ease the stress you feel once Trump is announced for his second term.

Peachland Advocate – New Directions

Epoch Times

In the months since I originally took down the old site, there have been a lot of changes. One thing is very clear. The citizens of this town are very heavily propagandized by the fake media that owns the airwaves. On the bright side, if we use “mask-wearing” as a meter of the degree to which you’ve been hood-winked, then Peachland does much better than other communities.