Economic Development Committee Meeting

Economic Development Committee Meeting

June 12, 2018

I attended this meeting and was once again surprised to see that there was absolutely no one from the community in attendance.  The meeting was well attended by the committee representatives and they discussed many issues around attracting people, visitors, and businesses to Peachland. Everyone was aware of the limitations of ideas due to financial constraints and legal issues.  Overall the meeting went very well, but my observation is that the committee pool of knowledge is not very deep. What they are missing is a fuller understanding of the role of technology in marketing. They don't know what they don't know.  Each of them had some great ideas, but what may be lacking is the will to move forward once the ideas are germinated at the committee stage.

Given the leaked information I gathered this week, and the strength of this committee, I am wondering if there is a roadblock somewhere upline of the committee.  Mike Kent seems reasonably bright, but what I heard too much of is “why things can't happen” as opposed to “How we can make them happen.”  The committee, in this sense, lacks the spirit of possibility and probability.  Let's cancel the hike, it will probably rain!

I would like to find out where the drain block is in this system.  Could it be some staff member who's afraid of change, or just more comfortable turning things down? There are so many things we need to know.

  • Why don't they know how to acquire grants without paying for the service?
  • Why don't they use a cookie system for visitors to the Peachland webpage?
  • Why don't they stop the Mayor from throwing money at projects that have zero chance of approval?
  • Why don't they mind-map all processes so that they can share them with the public?
  • Why don't they call for public input?
  • Why don't they use a publically accessible resource database to build and outsource great ideas?

There is just so much we can do. We have to transcend beyond this 1800's political top-down draconian oligarchical ruling mentality.  GET IT DONE!

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