Candidate Leanne Sarsons on Peachland Retirement

Candidate Leanne Sarsons on Peachland Retirement

The population of Peachland is 5,428, with a median age is 53. That means half the population is over the age of 53 and the rest are younger. So is Peachland a Retirement community?

A big concern for Peachland is that some seniors on fixed incomes move to Westbank, find it too expensive here or they downsize for health reasons and then no housing for them here. And at the other end of the spectrum, the school enrollment is dwindling as both parents and teachers are having trouble finding affordable housing.

Peachland wants to attract young families, the recreation center does offer a lot of family-oriented activities but there isn't a lot of participation! Some of these activities include the Glow Run, Halloween bash, Christmas light up, Rattlesnake swim, the polar bear dip.

Other community groups do things like the St Patrick's Day dog walk, Easter egg hunt, Movie in the park. July 1 activities include all of Peachland with seniors doing the pancake breakfast, recreation center doing the run, ambassadors doing the cake cutting, firemen doing the fireworks and the big parade organized by the Lions.

Young families need more activities here in Peachland. Should we look into an ice rink? A movie house?  A Bowling alley? An outdoor bandstand playing live music at heritage park on weekends? I know there will be a splash park and they are talking about an outdoor skating rink up the hill off Princeton. Why do they all need to be up the hill?

Why can we not put in a bandstand like the one in Penticton down by the new fishing pier being built? Why not put an ice rink down by the A&W again? If we install lights at Cousins park, we could have more baseball tournaments. We could promote more tourism for Peachland.

Implementing a few of these idea’s we could make Peachland a year-round tourist destination not just the three months in the summer.

I am looking forward to serving the people of
Peachland as a new voice on council.

Twitter or Instagram @sarsons4councillor 

I hope you will vote for me on OCT 20th

Vote as you wish but please vote!

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