Climate Change Fraud Explained In Three Minutes!

Since the very first time Al Gore waddled out on stage to pitch his fraudulent scheme about Global Warming, I was highly skeptical.  While I was never the best science student in high school, I could always spot the liar in a crowd.  This was a skill that later served me well for profiling criminals in the Justice System here in BC.

What seemed obvious to me, was not so obvious to people who grew up believing everything the government tells them.  When big corporations purchased the politicians who run the government, this recipe for disaster became “baked in.”

After years of trying to educate these folks, I simply gave up.  My father always told that it is a fool-hardy decision to argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.  I simply resolved to use every resource I have to drive corrupt politicians out of office.  In the past 20 years, I've had a great deal of fun doing just that. And I have a list of politicians, including one MP who could testify about this!

Today, my brother – Russ – sent me this video from an Australian fellow how provides one of the best examples of the absurdity of this concept of climate change. My only hope is that it might wake some of you up – Red Pilling you into truth and transparency.

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May 8th Update:

For anyone too lazy, or just technically challenged, here are some resources to check out so that you are not exposed as “Global Warming Conspiracy Theorist”.  The list will build over time…

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