How Safe Is Peachland?

How Safe Is Peachland?

[This article is an unpaid free public announcement from Council Candidate Leanne Sarsons]

  • Do you feel safe at night walking your dog north on Beach Ave from 13th to Buchanan?
  • Do you feel safe waiting for a bus at the bottom of Princeton ave at dusk?
  • Do you feel safe driving in the dark on Drought Hill in the rain?
  • How many more accidents do we have to witness before something gets done.

For years we’ve heard from special interest groups regarding a bypass or even 4-laning the highway through Peachland. This takes time!  The time is NOW to look at ways to make Peachland a safer community for its citizens.

My idea to improve the safety down Beach Ave would be to install solar lights or reflectors on either the beach side or the house side all the way from Bliss to Buchanan.

Maybe even street lights on this very dark end of Beach Ave.

Currently, there are four lights along the stretch from Todd Rd to Buchanan; one by the bridge, one by the public washroom, one just past the house at 3900 Beach Ave and one at Davis Cove.

There needs to be more lighting in this area.

There are some transformers between Todd Rd. and Buchanan Rd. but none from 13th to the bridge and up Todd Rd. Reflectors on poles would help cars see things along this roadway. Solar lights or street lights would make citizens feel better when walking their dogs along the beach road.

I feel a lighted shelter at all bus stops is a huge safety feature and is needed especially at the bottom of Princeton Ave by the tunnel. Currently, up Princeton ave, there are two bus stops with shelters one had a light the other was out. Many of the bus stops had a bench and a few had nothing. Along beach ave no bench's or shelters. My aim is to have all bus stops in Peachland with lighted shelter and uncluttered surroundings.

A cement divider with solar powered reflectors or reflectors would definitely help improve the drive on Drought Hill at any time. A cement divider from the connector turn down till Huston Rd, in my opinion, would prevent a lot of accidents. On Princeton ave, there are cement blocks with reflectors on top that catch approaching car lights this would be ideal from Drought Hill. Solar powered lights that are flush to ground would be ideal on some of the darker corners along the road. Drought hill as it is now is just too dark and dangerous it needs to be improved and I believe with a few ideas we can make it safer.

When on council I will lobby for all three of these safety features.

Two more concerns of Peachland residents are:

  1. Lighting in certain areas of town. Ex: Lipsett, Davis Cres, Elhers, Princeton, McKinnon.
  2. Turning onto or off highway 97 from roads like; Hardy Rd, Trepanier Rd, and Huston Rd.

It is time NOW to make Peachland safe.

✔️ Vote Sarsons on Oct 20th.

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