How to 5G Proof Your Home

One of the video channels I follow is created by a friend from Whistler, BC. The channel is called “Press for Truth.”  Today Dan visits Kelowna, BC where is covers the installation of material that will totally protect a home from the coming wave of 5G.

Press for TruthIf you are not familiar with 5G, it was developed by the military as a “weapon”!  With the incredible penetration of 5G into our environment, people with things to sell (including the selling to you of concepts they want you to think, do, and say) 5G has become the go-to technology for getting it done.  It has already been adopted in California and many other US States. You can read more about 5G Here.

In the video below, Dan covers most of the aspects around installing 5G protection for your home.  As you will see, this is a complicated process. I wonder if, in these early stages of research, whether or not we are on the right track for protecting ourselves. Often times, the first thing we think of to protect ourselves can be effective, but costly.  Is this the best way to go?  I wonder.

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A global 5G wifi system is currently being rolled out all across the planet and some people are now taking extra measures to protect themselves and their families! The United Nations is implementing agenda 2030, our “smart homes” and “smart appliances” are being connected to a network known as The Internet Of Things and 5G is the spider webbed mesh that is going to hold it all together! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with emf expert Ross Anderson and also Curtis Stone aka The Urban Farmer about 5G, radiation levels in the home and most importantly what you can do about it to shield yourself and your loved ones from this Orwellian nightmare that is currently being built all around us.

Having said all this, I once again ask whether or not this is the most efficient way to protect ourselves from 5G.  As regular readers know, last year I started investigating the profound health benefits of “grounding”. The health benefits that I have personally experienced are phenomenal.  I have been on blood pressure medications for two years.  My blood pressure was 145/95 for the most part.  My doctor suggested I take blood pressure meds to bring it down.  I know that diet and exercise will bring it down as well, but in the short term I wanted it down faster.  The meds brought the pressure down to 140/90 and so my doctor wanted to increase my dose.  Without telling him, I started grounding.  Last week I saw my doctor and had my pressure taken again (after a few months of grounding).  My pressure was 125/80! This is a significant drop in blood pressure.  It is one that turns back the clock about 30 years for me.  What I didn't tell the doctor was that I cut my meds in half!

A recent clinical trial shows that 100% of the patients in the trial experienced statistically significant drops in their blood press from grounding.  But what else will grounding do?  All radiation, electricity, and free radicals in your body go “straight to ground” when  you are grounding.  I am thinking that the better way to protect yourself from 5G radiation might be to develop ways to ground people all day long, and not just for the 7 or 8 hours that they sleep.

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