Letters to The Editor

Letters to The Editor

Greetings Peachlanders and Neighbors!

The Advocate is experimenting with “letters to the editor” for this blog.  One thing is clear from social media – Peachlanders are passionate about their community and many have some very strong opinions.  While the advocate believes in free speech and the absence of censoring,  we are not going to tolerate belligerent abuse. 

While criticism of Politicians falls under the “fair use” doctrine, criticism of each other's character does not. Please be aware that your fellow citizen might have a different take on any given matter than you do. That does not make him or her a “drunken lunatic!” Try to argue facts with facts. Blind regurgitation of political dogma is NOT an argument. It's an admission that one is ill-prepared for debate.  Present your case and let the community decide who is more credible.

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