One Man’s Take On Peachland Votes 2018

One Man's Take On Peachland Votes 2018

Editor's Note: 

I've been participating in a Facebook Group calledPeachland Votes 2018 for the past couple of weeks. Suffice to say, I've stirred up some emotions on that group, but I'm happy to say that the people who didn't run from the challenge of having to defend their position represented themselves very well. One such fellow is Randey Brophy, who is a member of that Facebook group.  

Randey took the high road and chose not to engage in name-calling or in displaying a public “hissy fit”. As a result, Randey's message has been well received.  Randey also offers data that really can't be realistically challenged since it is based on fact and not just wishful thinking.  For that reason, even though Randey and the Advocate may often not agree on things, I commend his stance for this coming election.

The following notes are taken directly from the Peachland Votes 2018 Facebook page with Randey's permission to post it.   Randey provides an excellent analysis of not just who he supports for the election, but also why he supports that person. You'll note that Randey does not select a full slate of councilors.  He only selects those who have earned his respect as people who are “running for Peachland” and not just for themselves. We need more people who think like this! 

Who Randey Brophy Is Voting For And Why:

MAYOR: Harry Gough

Harry was the first and for a while the only Mayoral candidate to declare that he was in favour of 3-storeys (13M) maximum height on Beach Avenue and bringing back the original Official Community Plan.

Harry is also in favour of:

  • Protecting our watershed, through better provincial liaison & local inspection.
  • A bypass – once it has been found there are no effects on the watershed. Keeping Beach Avenue from 13th to Trepanier a natural beach.
  • Getting the Ponderosa development and golf course going again.
  • Expediting affordable sewer connections.
  • Better management of our tax dollars.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd readings held separately at Council.
  • Respect and open mind to all at Public Hearings.

Harry is the only mayoral candidate who has been a long-term successful Peachland Businessperson and Peachland employer; he opened and ran the Peachland IGA for over 20 years.

Harry has been a Peachland homeowner and taxpayer longer than any other mayoral candidate and his acts of goodwill in the Peachland community, from donating free food to the Legion for decades, to providing all food free for Peachland's Centennial picnic, to helping out employees in need, to delivering groceries free to the elderly after putting in a 10 hour shift at his store, are well know.

Harry is well respected as a smart, honest, no-nonsense person who will get the job done. Harry is running for Peachland, whereas others, in my opinion, are running for themselves.

COUNCIL Voting Strategy: (You are allowed to choose 6 but I am only voting for 5)

These 5 are the ONLY independent council candidates who have spoken out and acted in favour of a 3-storey maximum on Beach Avenue.

1 – Terry Condon

Terry was the 1st councilor to say the 5-storey development violated the 3-storeys max in the OCP. He voted against the 5-storey development and was given a rough ride because of it. Terry was banned from council by the Mayor, on the day of the OCP vote in January, for a “conflict of interest” a month earlier because he had donated $20 to a Peachland residents group! That ruling was later overturned. Terry is a 3 term councilor with a wealth of knowledge who has shown he has the courage to stick up for the community.

2 – Mario Vucinovic 

Mario was the 2nd councilor to say the 5-storey development was inappropriate, after reviewing the results of the Jan 30 Public hearing, where those who wrote (75%), spoke (88%) and attended (97%) said they wanted the 3-storey max in the OCP retained. Mario contacted architects and after reviewing it with them said the 5-storey building size was too large for the lot. Mario listens, investigates every issue and is well respected both in Council and in the community.

3 – Keith Fielding

The former 2 term mayor warned council ahead of time that they were violating the OCP prior to their approval of the 5-storey building. Keith has a wealth of knowledge and experience and will be a definite asset to Council.

4 – Karen Mustard

A successful businessperson and long-term Peachland resident, Karen is a breath of fresh air with her reasoned, balanced, team building approach. She has spoken up at public hearings in support of a 3-storey maximum on Beach Avenue and lives close to Beach Avenue.

5 – Rick Ingram

A successful software entrepreneur and programmer, Rick voluntarily helped the Peachland Planning department draft their recommended 3-storey (13M) bylaw for Beach Avenue in June 2018 before the mayor and council, having requested it, based on public demand, then inexplicably voted it down.

Rick’s wife is a successful architect, well versed in how 3-storey buildings are profitably built and are the norm in many towns throughout North America that have building restrictions on their main street. In concert, their bylaw and architectural knowledge will be a welcome addition to council ensuring that future development is aligned with the community.

In Summary

These 5 are the ONLY independent council candidates who have spoken out and acted in favour of a 3-storey maximum on Beach Avenue.

Some other council candidates have provided lip service to the idea of a 3-storey maximum on Beach Avenue in their election campaigns, but their previous behavior shows they are firmly in favour of no building height restriction regarding Beach Avenue.

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