Peachland Stormy Waters?

Peachland Stormy Waters?

I visited with some friends tonight and once again learned a few things about the ongoing political issues in Peachland. I'm just stunned by the apparent lack of quality leadership here.  This stuff should never be happening. Someone connected to a committee member told me there are several committees that are very frustrated with Peachland leadership and bureaucracy. They claim that “Peachland” doesn't listen to their ideas and often goes entirely off in the wrong, and costly, direction.

I tend to believe this because, as the only citizen to attend the last council meeting, I  learned that the Mayor squandered some serious money on a BC Hydro project design that was flatly rejected by Hydro. The Mayor ordered a design study by a 3rd party in hopes that she could assist the repair process for a particular property. But any thinking person could predict that BC Hydro would reject a design that is not conducted by BC Hydro's staff. For liability reasons alone, BC Hydro had to dismiss the Peachland study.

The deeper I dig into Peachland affairs, the more issues like this I discover.  The mayor is making a group of potentially good councilors look like buffoons. My opinion now is beginning to be shaped by the Mayor's lack of experience and leadership ability.

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