Winds of Change

Sadly, the days are getting shorter. As much as I dislike the feeling I get when days get to be shorter, I am reminded of how quickly life passes us by.

I had a long conversation today with a friend from Summerland. I wish I had her energy and optimism! We talked politics at length. I found the conversation refreshing because it showed me the value of never giving up. I had not considered that I’ve given up on politicians, but the signs indicate that I have.

I started following politics at 14 years old. A local BC political party had slashed my father’s tires, loosened his lug nuts, and finally used a big truck to try to push him off the cold and icy road where we lived in Vanderhoof, BC. My father was a plain and honest man, and was the District Superintendent of the local School District. The politicians, and some teachers, didn’t like him exposing some the nasty things that were going on at the time. He was doing back then what Trump is doing today in America.

Sex offenders, pedophiles, corrupt politicians, deep state hacks, and those who simply leech off our system of government are falling like flies! The more closely I observe the outstanding progress being made in America, the more hopeful I am that some of this “ambience” will rub off on us here in Canada.

After my conversation with my Summerland friend, I decided to remove an article I had written a month or so ago. It was about why we are all doomed – politically. My Summerland friend believes with all her heart that one voice can make a difference. I want badly to believe this, and so from now until after the Canadian election, I’m going to attempt to be less down on our prognosis for recovery.

That said, we are still in dire shape. Justin Trudeau is an unmitigated disaster. I would need several blogs and a hundred writers just to cover what's wrong with this guy. At the same time, we have Andrew Scheer lurking in the shadows – hoping to surf in on Trudeau’s massive unpopularity. That too, would be a huge mistake for Canada.

There is only one viable option for Prime Minister in this country today. That option is Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party of Canada. The conundrum is that in traditional Canadian Politics, it’s a two party system. This paradigm is hard to break. Just ask the Greens!

Andrew Scheer is just Harper 2.0. He’ll bring in policies that are incompatible with western civilization. He’ll make YOU an enemy in your own state! He’s an avowed Globalist who will marshal the end of Canada as you know it. This is our last chance. We can’t play anymore politics. People MUST learn the game very quickly now, then get involved.

I like people like Joan Phillip (from the Penticton Indian Band) – who’s running for the NDP in this riding, and I like Jody Wilson-Reybold – who’s running as an independent in Vancouver, after having dumped Trudeau on his head after the SNC Lavalin scandal. I only wish we could convince them to join the People’s Party of Canada. If you read the federal NDP Policies, you find they are much like the old Communist Russia from years gone by! They are misogynistic and racist. They believe in anything BUT the principles of merit. Joan Phillip – please reconsider and join us!

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