If you have ideas or suggestions and would like to contact Peachland Advocate, then you can thank the whacked-out left for NOT being able to contact us. In a “normal” world, you'd be able to fill in a contact form and send us your comments and ideas. But the fascist left has weaponized such forms as a means to deteriorate the conversation, or to simply squelch the truth.

To that end, we decided to take that tool away from these people. They clearly lack the intelligence to hold a mature debate. They stomp their little feet and pound their tiny chests in protest over anyone who dares to broadcast the truth. So, we will continue to tell you about things that the fake media is trying to suppress.

We will continue to broadcast opinion pieces that grind away at this retarded generation of morons that suffer the illusion they are in control. Far from it. The best is yet to come!