I've long suspected this fascist hoax, and have worked to educate the public on the subject for nearly two years. Last week we got the court win in Alberta wherein the judge ruled that COVID-19 does not exist. See the post here.

Today we get news from Ireland that they too have been informed by the courts that COVID-19 does not exist. This is the tip of the truth iceberg. As the bodies continue to pile up from the experimental bio-toxin injections, the proponents of this agenda are going to become incredibly desperate. Expect to see some significant false flag events to distract from their crimes.

If you find yourself angry about this post, or that the post even exists, then I ask you to calmly examine your irrational and emotional stance on this. Ask yourself, “why do I so desperately need this virus to exist, to the point where I am willing to gamble my life and the lives of loved ones. and to the point where I will overlook most of the science and reporting from doctors around the world?” What is the trigger that drives your psychosis?

You can hate me all day long for telling the truth. As a Stoic, am am wholly unaffected by what any thinks. To that end, here is my manifesto:

Every political establishment rests on a specific view of the way the world works – or at least the way that ideology would like it to work. To maintain their power, Liberals must control the public's access to ideas. Ideas that run counter to a Liberal paradigm are a threat to the very existence of the system.  Whenever these ideas are recognized by Liberals, it is an unwritten rule that any and all proponents of the idea are to be both publicly and privately vilified.

Every effort is made to codify and legislate the ability to suppress ideas and concepts that germinate outside of the Liberal compost heap.  This includes the institutionalization of change and change management.  But never in the history of man has anything threatened the legitimacy of Liberal paradigms to the extent that the Internet does. While politicians publicly anguish over naked digital ladies, it is really the naked digital documents that worry them sick. The Internet and social media are going to bring down all existing establishments. All of them rest on lies and deliberately contrived self-serving misinformation. They all rest on some version of the technique that Orwell named in Nineteen Eighty-Four: the memory hole.  

We are now in the Age of Enlightenment.  And the “Enlightened” are empowered by three kinds of liberation. First, they are free of the crippling need for ideology and belongingness to sustain their empowerment. For more on this, read Markus Aurelius' “Meditations.”

Secondly, they are free of a sense of powerlessness in the face of oppressive and tyrannical systems, for they know that these are only sustained by beliefs that are ultimately no more than collective mental constructs.

And thirdly, the Enlightened are empowered because they are not dependent on results or on unrealistic beliefs to sustain their efforts. They just carry on doing their unstoppable best in good heart and beyond either optimism or pessimism.

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