Bonnie Henry

Bonnie Henry Suit Filed!

It's been a long road, but finally, we are here. Bonnie Henry will be the first official to lose her home and livelihood as a result of her stance on this... Read more »

Tyrants – You are On Notice!

This guy speaks from the heart. Realize one thing, tyrants - there are more of us than there are of you and we are done capitulating. We are done tolerating... Read more »

Protect Yourself from The Virus!

Truth will set you Free

No Vax Passports in Canada!

why a Vaccine passport is not legal in Canada and, in fact, presents as an assault if they try to force you under duress. Read more »
Clot shot

All About The Clot Shot!

This is a great video overview of the clot shot and how it can affect you. More people are waking up to this every day. Sadly, many of them only... Read more »


Do you really want to know what's in the so-called Vaccine and why they are giving it to us? If you don't already have it figured out, we are at war. Take... Read more »
David Martin

Dr. David Martin Talks with Vaccine Choice Canada

This is an incredible video! Watch as David Martin provides the truth and insight to the rogue agenda that has been trying to suppress us for nearly two years. Read more »
Rick Nicholls

Ontario MPP Stands up to Premier Ford

Rick Nicholls - a member of the provincial parliament for Chatham-Kent-Leamington. He takes a powerful stand here against the tyranny of the left. This is what is going to take... Read more »

Stew Peters Interviews Dr. Zelenko

If you have "jab remorse", the show isn't over, and there are ways to treat the antibody-dependent enhancement that you may experience as a result of the inoculation. Read more »
Tucker and McCullough

Tucker Interviews Dr. McCullough

Tucker Carlson seemed genuinely surprised at the relatively simple but large oblivion on early medical therapy for COVID-19. How could our public health agency staffers have overlooked such a huge and vital... Read more »

Bonnie Henry Faces Class Action Suit!

This has been a long time coming. Several months ago I pointed out that any time a Provincial Health Director takes her order from a former socialist newspaper reporter (Adian Dix),... Read more »