Criminal Liability Follows The Peddling of This Covid-19 Hoax to Children

This post has its basis in a document sent out by wherein they provided a pdf document entitled “Notice of Liability.” The document was well researched and we deemed it to be of general benefit to citizens of our small community. Please visit and support

Any person involved in the political system, the education system, or even local municipal politicians should understand that they are NOT qualified medical professionals and, therefore, are unlawfully practicing medicine by prescribing, recommending, facilitating, and using coercion to insist minors, or anyone else to submit to the experimental medical treatment for Covid-19, namely being injected with one of the experimental gene therapies commonly referred to as “vaccine”.

To begin with, the emergency measures are based on the claim that we are experiencing a “public health emergency.” There is no evidence to substantiate this claim. In fact, the evidence indicates that we are experiencing a rate of infection consistent with a normal influenza season.1 

The purported increase in “cases” is a direct consequence of increased testing through the inappropriate use of the PCR instrument to diagnose so-called COVID-19. It has been well established that the PCR test was never designed or intended as a diagnostic tool and is not an acceptable instrument to measure this so-called pandemic. Its inventor, Kary Mullis, has clearly indicated that the PCR testing device was never created to test for coronavirus.2

Mullis warned that “the PCR Test can be used to find almost anything, in anybody. If you can amplify one single molecule, then you can find it because that molecule is nearly in every single person.”

In light of this warning, the current PCR test utilization, set at higher amplification, is producing up to 97% false positives 3. Therefore, any imposed emergency measures that are based on PCR testing are unwarranted, unscientific, and quite possibly fraudulent. An international consortium of life science scientists has detected 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level in a 3-peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-24.

In November 2020, a Portuguese court ruled that PCR tests are unreliable. 5 

On December 14, 2020, the WHO admitted the PCR Test has a ‘problem’ at high amplifications as it detects dead cells from old viruses, giving a false positive. 6

On Feb 16, 2021, BC Health Officer, Bonnie Henry, admitted PCR tests are unreliable. 7 

On April 8, 2021, the Austrian court ruled the PCR was unsuited for COVID testing. 8

On April 8, 2021, a German Court ruled against PCR testing stating, “the test cannot provide any information on whether a person is infected with an active pathogen or not, because the test cannot distinguish between “dead” matter and living matter.” 9 

On May 8, 2021, the Swedish Public Health Agency stopped PCR Testing for the same reason. 10 

On May 10th, 2021, Manitoba’s Chief Microbiologist and Laboratory Specialist, Dr. Jared Bullard testified under cross-examination in a trial before the court of Queen's Bench in Manitoba, that PCR test results do not verify infectiousness and were never intended to be used to diagnose respiratory illnesses. 11 

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Based on this compelling and factual information, the emergency use of the COVID-19 experimental injection is not required or recommended.

The Nuremberg Code, 12 to which Canada is a signatory, states that it is essential before performing medical experiments on human beings, there is voluntary informed consent. It also confirms, a person involved should have legal capacity to give consent, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him/her to make an understanding and enlightened decision. 

This requires, before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject, that there should be made known to him/her the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonable to be expected; and the effects upon his/her health or person which may possibly come from participation in the experiment;

All the treatments being marketed as COVID-19 “vaccines”, are still in Phase III clinical trials until 2023, 13 and hence, qualify as a medical experiment. People taking these treatments are enrolled as test-subjects and are further unaware that the injections are not actual vaccines as they do not contain a virus but instead an experimental gene therapy;

None of these treatments have been fully approved; only granted emergency use authorization by the FDA, which Health Canada, 14 15 16 is using as the basis for approval under the interim-order, therefore, fully informed consent is not possible;

Most vaccines are trialed for at least 5-10 years, 17 and COVID-19 treatments have been in trials for one year;

No other coronavirus vaccine (i.e., MERS, SARS-1) has been approved for market, due to antibody-dependent enhancement, resulting in severe illness and deaths in animal models; 18

Numerous doctors, scientists, and medical experts are issuing dire warnings about the short and long-term effects of COVID-19 injections, including, but not limited to death, blood clots, infertility, miscarriages, Bell’s Palsy, cancer, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disease, early-onset dementia, convulsions, anaphylaxis, inflammation of the heart19 , and antibody dependent enhancement leading to death; this includes children ages 12-17 years old.20 

Dr. Byram Bridle, a pro-vaccine Associate Professor on Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph, gives a terrifying warning of the harms of the experimental treatments in a new peer-reviewed scientifically published research study 21 on COVID-19 shots. The added Spike Protein to the “vaccine” gets into the blood, circulates through the blood in individuals over several days post-vaccination, it accumulates in the tissues such as the spleen, bone marrow, the liver, the adrenal glands, testes, and of great concern, it accumulates high concentrations into the ovaries. 

Dr. Bridle notes that they “have known for a long time that the Spike Protein is a pathogenic protein, it is a toxin, and can cause damage if it gets into blood circulation.” The study confirms the combination is causing clotting, neurological damage, bleeding, heart problems, etc. There is a high concentration of the Spike Protein getting into breast milk and reports of suckling infants developing bleeding disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. There are further warnings that this injection will render children infertile, and that people who have been vaccinated should NOT donate blood;

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Minors are at nearly zero percent risk of contracting or transmitting this respiratory illness and are, instead, buffers that help others build their immune system. The overall survival rate of minors is 99.997%. 22 In spite of these facts, the government is pushing the experimental treatment with the tragic outcome of a high incidence of injury and death!

According to Health Canada's Summary Basis of Decision, updated May 20, 2021, the trials have not proven that the COVID-19 treatments prevent infection or transmission. The Summary also reports that both Moderna and Pfizer identified that there are six areas of missing (limited/no clinical data) information: “use in pediatric (age 0-18)”, “use in pregnant and breastfeeding women”, “long-term safety”, “long-term efficacy” including “real-world use”, “safety and immunogenicity in subjects with immune-suppression”, and concomitant administration of non-COVID vaccines.”

Under the Risk Management plan section of the Summary Basis of Decision, 23 it includes a statement based on clinical and non-clinical studies that “one important potential risk was identified being vaccine-associated enhanced disease, including VAERD (vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease).” In other words, the shot increases the risk of disease and side-effects, and weakens immunity toward future SARS related illness.

The report specifically states, “the possibility of vaccine-induced disease enhancement after vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 has been flagged as a potential safety concern that requires particular attention by the scientific community, including The World Health Organization (WHO), the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA)24 ;”

As reported in the United States to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), there have been more deaths from the COVID-19 injections in five months (Dec. 2020 – May 2021) than deaths recorded in the last 23 years from all vaccines combined25 .

It is further reported that only one percent of vaccine injuries are reported to VAERS, 26 compounded by several months delay in uploading the adverse events to the VAERS database27 .

On May 21, 2021, VAERS data release showed 262,521 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 injections, including 4,406 deaths and 21,537 serious injuries, between December 14, 2020, and May 21, 2021, and that adverse injury reports among 12-17-year old’s more than tripled in one week. 28

Dr. McCullough, a highly cited Covid doctor, came to the stunning conclusion that the government was “…scrubbing unprecedented numbers of injection-related-deaths.” He further added, “…a typical new drug at about five deaths, unexplained deaths, we get a black-box warning, your listeners would see it on TV, saying it may cause death. And then at about 50 deaths, it’s pulled off the market;” 29

Canada’s Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) is a passive reporting system and is not widely promoted to the public, hence, many adverse events are going unreported;

Safe and effective treatments and preventive measures exist for COVID-19, apart from the experimental shots, yet the government is prohibiting their use. 30 31

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Children have already been exposed to unprecedented amounts of fear, instability, shaming, psychological trauma, and segregation through the COVID-19 measures and are therefore even more susceptible to being influenced by those in authority than their developmental stage would usually entail. Schools include vaccine and COVID-19 “vaccine” curriculum, which is biased, prejudicial, and is a form of undue influence on any minor child. 

The curriculum excludes full disclosure of the growing risks (adverse reactions and death) of the experimental treatments, and the emerging evidence that the shots do not provide protection, as claimed. Informed consent with FULL disclosure is mandatory and yet, due to lack of research data, “full” disclosure cannot be provided.

Under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act of Canada 32, a crime against humanity means, among other things, murder, any other inhumane act or omission that is committed against any civilian population or any identifiable group and that, at the time and in the place of its commission, constitutes a crime against humanity according to customary international law, conventional international law, or by virtue of its being criminal according to the general principles of law are recognized by the community of nations, whether or not it constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission. 

The Act also confirms that every person who conspires or attempts to commit, is an accessory after the fact, in relation to, or councils in relation to, a crime against humanity, is guilty of an offense and liable to imprisonment for life.

Under sections 265 and 266 of the Criminal Code of Canada, 33 a person commits an assault when, without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly. Everyone who commits an assault is guilty of an indictable offense and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, or an offense punishable on summary conviction.

It is a further violation of the Canadian Criminal Code, 34 to endanger the life of another person. Sections 216, 217, 217.1 and 221.

Duty of persons undertaking acts dangerous to life Sec. 216: Everyone who undertakes to administer surgical or medical treatment to another person or to do any other lawful act that may endanger the life of another person is, except in cases of necessity, under a legal duty to have and to use reasonable knowledge, skill and care in so doing.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 198

Duty of persons undertaking acts Sec. 217: Everyone who undertakes to do an act is under a legal duty to do it if an omission to do the act is or may be dangerous to life.

Duty of persons directing work Sec. 217.1: Everyone who undertakes, or has the authority, to direct how another person does work or performs a task is under a legal duty to take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to that person, or any other person, arising from that work or task.

Causing bodily harm by criminal negligence Sec. 221: Every person who by criminal negligence causes bodily harm to another person is guilty of:

(a) an indictable offense and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years; or,

(b) an offense punishable on summary conviction.

Domestically, in the seminal decision of Hopp v Lepp, [1980] 2 SCR 192, 35 the Supreme Court of Canada determined that cases of non-disclosure of risks and medical information fall under the law of negligence. Hopp also clarified the standard of informed consent and held that, even if a certain risk is only a slight possibility which ordinarily would not be disclosed, but which carries serious consequences, such as paralysis or death, the material risk must be revealed to the patient.

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The duty of disclosure for informed consent is rooted in an individual’s right to bodily integrity and respect for patient autonomy. In other words, a patient has the right to understand the consequences of medical treatment regardless of whether those consequences are deemed improbable, and have determined that, although medical opinion can be divided as to the level of disclosure required, the standard is simple, “

A Reasonable Person Would Want to Know the Serious Risks, Even if Remote.” Hopp v Lepp, supra; Bryan v Hicks, 1995 CanLII 172 (BCCA); British Columbia Women’s Hospital Center, 2013 SCC 30.36 

Vaccination is voluntary in Canada. The federal and provincial governments have made it clear that getting the COVID-19 injections will not be mandatory. Educators are infringing on human rights and putting themselves personally at risk of a civil lawsuit for damages, and potential imprisonment, by attempting to impose this experimental medical treatment on minors. Canadian law has long recognized that individuals have the right to control what happens to their bodies.

The citizens of Canada are protected under the medical and legal ethics of express informed consent, and are entitled to the full protections guaranteed under:

• Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 37 (1982) Section 2a, 2b, 7, 8, 9, 15.

• Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights 38 (2005)

• Nuremberg Code 39 (1947)

• Helsinki Declaration 40 (1964, Revised 2013) Article 25, 26

All Canadian law, contrary to misinformation spread by the WHO, does not allow for “implied consent.” The Mature Minor doctrine cannot override the wishes and consent of the parents outside of the emergency threat of imminent harm or death. Vaccinations do not fall under the Mature Minor doctrine41 .

In conclusion, administration of vaccinations is defined as a “ medical procedure”. The courts have established jurisprudence on Informed Consent requirements.

It is the responsibility of parents/legal guardians, not of principals, teachers, teacher assistants, school board executives or other adults with influence on children, to make medical decisions for them.

Schools,  Teachers, Principals, and school boards, or any other adults who may have access to children while under their care, including the assistance of outside school staff, or contractors such as public health nurses, firefighters, pharmacists, or health officials, should understand that they will be held personally, civilly, and criminally liable for any injuries or deaths that may occur as a result of encouraging, facilitating, coercing, or administering these experimental injections to children in your care.

This appears to be just the first phase of a major “Pushback” campaign against the perpetrators.  Politicians, Mayors, Healthcare workers generally, including doctors, should be aware that the pushback has only just begun. Everyone in authority should be on notice that they face very stiff liability issues arising from any criminally irresponsible act associated with falsifying a pandemic. 

Some people describe the situation as asymmetrical warfare against our citizens. While ordinary citizens quietly enjoyed their lives over the past few decades, socialists, fascists, liberals, progressives, and other deviant political operatives appear to have been working feverishly behind the scenes to control school boards, political offices, corporate boards, and even the judiciary. In fact, Cleon Skousen wrote this very notion in his 1958 book “The Naked Communist.”

Like any war of this nature, in the beginning you can expect to see the dark side winning. But eventually they are crushed under the truth of the numbers and factual data. Citizens begin to awaken, and the pushback starts. In our case, the Pushback engine took just over a year to crank over. Now it is running and it is going to purge fascism like you've never witnessed in history before.

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