Dan Albas? Arrogant? Or Out of Touch?


I drove up to Merritt today with another truckload of “Kathryn McDonald” Signs. It was a bit surprising to see that there were still a few Albas signs not knocked over or urinated upon. I got to thinking. What is Albas thinking? He's done everything humanly possible to trample upon your rights and freedoms as a Canadian.

  • He voted, along with all the other sheep in his party to deny your democratic right to vote a few months back when they all got together to cancel all future elections until they felt like they could win!
  • Dan is siding with the globalists to ignore any science that demonstrates the utter ignorance of the government's position on Covid. Dan will vote to make you lose your job, inject yourself with a toxic mRNA experiment that is killing people in the thousands, and be forced to use a Nazi style “show me your papers” system of public identification!
  • Worse yet, Dan is all in for taking away your guns!
  • Evidently he chooses to prostitute himself to corporate controlled committee work rather than to work on issues important you the citizens in his riding.

One can only conclude that Dan Albas either has utter contempt for the citizens in his riding, or he thinks you are all stupid enough to NOT notice his digressions.

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