Confirmed – Bioweapon COVID-19

This is a very interesting video. Check out the smoking guns here. You will either wake up, or you will perish. Let that sink in! It's your call, and your... Read more »
Mark of the Beast

Proof! The Mark of the Beast Is In You!

This video will very likely freak you out. Here is the proof that the mark of the beast has been injected into your arms. The graphene oxide that is in the... Read more »
Pat King

We’re Taking It Back – Block by Block

Patrick King puts it in very blunt terms. We are going to take it all back, block by block if we have to. Tyrants are no longer in control. It... Read more »
Kari Simpson

BC Attorney General Eby May Face Charges

I was sent this newspaper clipping by a friend on Vancouver Island. It was published by Kari Simpson of Read more »

Styxhexenhammer on Purebloods

Another language warning: Styx holds nothing back. If saucy language offends you, go over to CNN. To all others, my fellow "Purebloods", Welcome! Read more »
The Narrative is Collapsing

Hilarious! The Narrative is Collapsing.

This video is great! The guy has a very funny Youtube channel called AwakenWithJP. Check this out. Read more »

The Folly of a Vaxxport System

I was sent this video by a friend this morning. What an excellent depiction of the system that they are trying to bring down upon us. Any politician that supports... Read more »

More Proof It’s Over

Language warning: This video is for adults. Styx has run his organization for more then ten years and is a very intelligent man. Formerly from Vermont, he now lives in Finland,... Read more »

It’s All Over Folks!

I've been talking about this and predicting it for some time now. Today I read this piece from Art Moore over at WND The big question for us here in Canada is... Read more »
Steve Bannon

Fauci About To “Walk the Plank”

I get goosebumps watching a fellow Irishman do his work like this. James O'Keefe has Anthony Fauci in checkmate, but Fauci's behavior reminds me of why you never play chess with... Read more »