5G – What Are They Not Telling Us?

There's a Huge Push For 5G - What's The Rush?

Dangers of 5G

I watched the video below this evening and found it to be quite concerning. I'm certainly no expert at the relationship between emerging technology and health, but I am an expert, after 65 years, of realizing who's lying to you and what their motives might be. In this case, I see red flags everywhere.

For far too long people have relied on elected politicians to take care of the mundane matters involved in running a community. However, In recent years, it seems politicians have their own little club – and as George Carlin said – YOU AIN'T IN IT!

What I do know is that you can never trust someone who's paycheck is dependent upon them continuing to tell you lies.  I understand that governments don't want people to panic and so they say what it expedient at the time, only to have the whole mess come crashing down on their heads some time later. 

I know that when I put something into the microwave oven, it will excite the electrons in the food to warm them up. But what does it do to our food?  We need studies by people who's paycheck don't depend on them lying to us. 

I get that governments want 5G to be everywhere. It would help them communicate and monitor things better.  But could 5G be weaponized?  Could 5G be harmful to our health?  As you learned in the video, the FCC and FDA have done ZERO research or study into this matter.

Corona Virus

Now we see people dropping dead, literally, in the streets of China. Officials say they are dying of pneumonia.  But none of them have fluid filled lungs.  They are dropping dead of anoxia – a lack of oxygen to brain. 

The PANDEMIC is NOT the Flu! It is the rush to deploy 5G.  We need to put a stop to the deployment of 5G immediately and then do some studies. If we leave critical decisions like this to our elected politicians, they will almost always make decisions based upon their political dogma, and NOT your public health safety.

March 6, 2020 – Late breaking note: Switzerland puts a moratorium on 5G!

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