All Candidates Meeting


Fortunately for the candidates tonight, I won't be at the meeting. After 60 years of watching politicians break their promises and oath to their employers (We The People), I have no more patience for them. I don't like any of them. And when I see the election committee put out a public “call for questions”, I become even more incensed. Dishonest people use this method so that they can screen out any tough questions. All they really want is a platform for these puppets to trot out on stage and tell us all a bunch of lies in hope that we will like them. In 2019, I think that method is finally worn out.

If I was going to the meeting, I would have questions for each of the candidates, and those questions would not be easy ones. This is what I want to know from each of them:

To the Liberal Candidate:

Are you not embarrassed to stand on this stage in front of Canadians, given your leader's dismal track record, his bullying of Jody Wilson-Reybould, his giving a terrorist $10 Million Canadian tax dollars, his allowing ISIS fighters back into the country, his clandestine trip to visit the Aga Khan, his efforts to buy off the mainstream media, and his litany of stupid stunts on the international stage?

To the NDP Candidate:

I really want to hear you attempt to publicly defend your party's policies. According to the federal NDP policy, if there was a job opening for “Professor of Physics” at UBC, and if there were just two applications – One from my sister, and one from a fellow by the name of Albert Einstein, your party would award the position to my sister in order to meet gender or racial quotas! Tell me how society would benefit in the long term from such misogynistic and racist policy?

To the Conservative Candidate:

Sadly, you've already had the opportunity to demonstrate your lack of loyalty! You appear to not be supportive of the people of this riding. You appear to suffer the illusion that your employer is Ottawa. Don't feel badly though. Nearly all politicians make this same mistake. I want to know what steps would you take to repent? How would you prevent Scheer from joining the globalist elites in their efforts to ruin Canada? Are you prepared to be kicked out of parliament for standing up for your constituency?

To the People's Party of Canada Candidate:

You might be the luckiest of all candidates on the stage tonight. You have leader who claims that he will stand up to the globalist agenda. All of Bernier's material suggests he would be the only candidate capable of saving this country. However, you got elected when 18 people showed up to your nomination meeting, and 9 of them were your family and supporters. This means that 1 person elected you. You promised, in your nomination speech, to make technology work for you, but you have been virtually invisible ever since. Convince me that you won't go to Ottawa and suddenly flip into the mode where the MP thinks it's his or her job to come back here to tell the riding how it's going to be!


Almost every elected MP goes to Ottawa and immediately FEARS THE STORM.

MY candidate goes to Ottawa, and BECOMES THE STORM!

If they don't fear you, then you are completely ineffective.

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