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Over the past few weeks, I've watched the People's Party of Canada go from almost nowhere, to where they are now out-pulling all parties in terms of interest in their views and policies.

Unlike the United States, where you get to vote for the President, here in Canada you can't do that. You have to vote for the PARTY that you want, regardless of quality of candidate it brings. That has been the downfall of both the Liberals and Conservatives for over 85 years!

This year is quite different. Because the deep state globalists have been exposed by the “Great Awakening” all over the world, they are apoplectic about saving their asses!

One thing you will hear time and time again is that a vote for one party will only ensure the other (third) party gets in! This is a globalist tactic they use to SCARE you away from voting with your heart and mind. They have used this tactic for as long as I've been watching politics (60 years). It is why we have a multiple party system in Canada. The only way that globalists can win is if they keep you divided.

They will divide you on race, religion, sexual orientation, and political persuasion. They'll get you busy calling each other “racists” or some kind of “phobe”. If they can busy you with fighting and arguing with opponents, they will quietly get their own way because they own the media and all forms of communication in the country. At least… they USED TO! That has all changed now, and the globalists are on the run.

To that end, I'm all in for the People's Party of Canada. I asked our local candidate, Allan Duncan, to provide me with a statement I can use for this blog. As we move toward election day, ask yourself what any elected politician has ever done for YOU!

Introducing: Allan Duncan

My name is Allan Duncan and I am the Peoples’ Party of Canada candidate for Central Okanagan Similkameen Nicola.

I am a small business owner, living in Kelowna with my wife and our four beautiful young children. The freedom and opportunities we have historically valued and enjoyed as Canadian citizens, to have autonomy over our own lives and relationships, has been under increasing pressure, especially over the past four years.

This motivated me, and so many others, to participate in our democracy at new levels of involvement. In the PPC, we desire to have an open freedom for Canadians that will allow us to benefit from our work and express our talents and opinions together in our chosen groups and communities. We aim to conserve liberty in our democracy!

Standing with the Peoples’s Party of Canada and the electorate of Central Okanagan Similkameen Nicola, I commit to work with enthusiasm and personal integrity. I want to ensure our National integrity and prosperity is strong and free, not only for Canadian families of today, but to ensure these freedoms endure and are improved upon for the future generations of Canadians!

Allan Duncan - Candidate Interview 1
Let's Hope There's A New Sheriff in Town After the 21st!

Late Addition: Oct 12th at 1400 Hrs
If you have followed my other posts that show the exploding interest in the PPC, then you'll like this latest release. Just moments ago my source sent me these new numbers!

Allan Duncan - Candidate Interview 3
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