Canadian Election Debate – Goon Show

Last Updated: October 11, 2019

Any sensible Canadian who watched the election debate the other day realizes what a goon show we are. We're a public embarrassment on the world stage.

I was particularly saddened by the testosterone-driven rage from Lisa Laflamme. Clearly following a deep state agenda, Laflamme tore into Max Bernier like a rabid dog trying to hump your leg.

I found the entire event rather disgusting and boring… that was.. until I saw the numbers coming from CBC's analysis of the post debate scrums. These numbers tell me that Canadians are waking up fast! Check these numbers out!

Canadian Election Debate - Goon Show 1
Canadian Election Debate - Goon Show 3

These numbers tell me that Trudeau is all but erased from the public domain. And so he should be. It tells me that Canadians seriously consider Maxime Bernier as the next Prime Minister for Canada.

Apparently there is hope for Canada yet! If Canadians get enough information in the next week, they will realize that Scheer is just Trudeau 2.0. The only real chance we have for survival is Maxime Bernier. So no matter what the paid for shills and deep state hacks try to tell you, a vote for Maxime Bernier is the best message you can send to Ottawa.

Deep State will try to tell you, as they always do, that a vote for Max would simply elect the other guy. This is what they need you to believe. You must have faith in the process and vote your conscience, because if Maxime doesn't win, nothing else will matter. Your country will have come to an end. Bernier is the only candidate with a plan to “Make Canada Great Again!

Update: October 11, 2019

The numbers continue to be impressive for Max Bernier. He's gone from “nowhere” to “contender” following the debates. These numbers are outstanding! Check the “thumbs up” for Max! If Quebec supports Max, he'll win this thing!

Canadian Election Debate - Goon Show 5
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