Canadian Election 2019


As I watch the results come tumbling in, I am sad, happy, and surprised all at the same time. I'm pleased that the NDP didn't fool too many Canadians. I am pleased that Andrew Scheer did not form a government. As much baggage as Justin Trudeau had, I suspect it would pale in comparison to Scheer's baggage in the long run. Scheer's performance in the Conservative leadership convention left me with chills!


On the Liberal ticket, it seems clear that Justin Trudeau may be in some trouble. His support stands at 33%, which is dismal popular support for a leader that faced a line-up of rookie opponents. He's going to have to find a way to bridge the gaps between all parties.

The Independent

I am very happy that Jody Wilson-Raybold becomes the first independent elected in recent times!

The Bloq

I am really bewildered as to why the Bloq Quebecois is even allowed to run federally. It makes no sense. They have no national presence and no national unity platform. This could spell trouble in the coming years.

The People's Party of Canada

I am quite shocked that the People's party of Canada not only got shut out but that Maxime Bernier didn't even retain his own seat! This might be my biggest surprise of this election. Perhaps there is something about this Bernier that I was unable to discover in my research? I am not sure, but I will try to find out more on this.

The Conservatives

I cover this a bit in my “speeches” section, but I think Scheer presents as wholly untrustworthy. His presence irritates me and his handling of the campaign made him look more like a crook than a politician. Yes.. there is a difference!


While I really don't like the racist and misogynistic policies of the federal NDP party, I thought that Jagmeet Singh did very well with what he had to work with. Living in BC was his biggest downfall. No one from the west will ever be accepted by the eastern elite. Joe Clark was one of the very few to crack the cycle, but he last a very short time. John Turner fell to the same issues, as did Kim Campbell.

A “Non-Confidence” Motion?

There are not enough numbers in the opposition parties to force a new election through a non-confidence motion. That would require that the Bloq, the NDP, and the Conservatives to all agree to a non-confidence motion. This is not impossible.. but very unlikely. That said, the Bloq, Greens, Conservatives, along with the Independent could go it alone and force a non-confidence motion without the NDP.

It's going to be an interesting and turbulent future in Canada. I also wonder how much the Scheer hiring of Warren Kinsella to attack opposition parties hurt his reputation? Does a reputable character do that sort of thing?

The Speeches

Watching the speeches afterward, I thought that Singh did well. The message was well delivered resonated somewhat with me. And as much as I dislike Trudeau, I thought he did a good job of his speech, although he arrogantly didn't check with the Scheer campaign before going on stage. They ended up speaking at the same time!

The Scheer speech was nauseating. There is something about his voice that irritates me. I find him insincere and untrustworthy. I think a better leader would have garnered more support for the conservatives.

With the final numbers, the bottom line is that Trudeau is now restrained. Like a dog, all he can do moving forward is run to the end of his chain and bark! He'll need the cooperation and support of everyone else!

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