Gates On The Run

The Fall of Bill Gates is Nothing Less Than Spectacular!

Gates on the Run

Remember the song, “Band on the Run”? Well, I'm thinking that the someone needs to do a parody of this song and call it “Gates on the Run”! Who would have ever imagined the rapid fall from grace that Bill Gates Represents?

I could go on for days about just how pathetic the software is that was developed by Gates' company, Microsoft, but that would be a digression.  Everyone on the planet, who has purchased a new computer that comes with Windows 10, knows what a pile of crap that OS is.  

This editorial is about the those on the Internet who have flushed Bill Gates out as a Eugenicist. 

The video evidence seems overwhelming that Gates is tied to several organizations who's agenda is simply to not only depopulate the planet, but also to vaccinate everyone on the planet and embed tracking chips in each of them. 

The results of video views for the latest viral video about Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci can be seen to the left.  In only four days this video, that really nails Bill Gates, has garnered over 4 million views.  

Sometime this week, my favorite Canadian researcher and journalist, Amazing Polly, will release a video that digs forensically into the circumstances around the Gates plans to exercise his eugenics upon the planet. That video will be saved to the hard drives of the several thousand of us who are working full time to prevent destruction of society and western civilization that Gates and his associates appear to want.   No longer can the fascist liberal/progressive politicians control the narrative.

Mainstream media is in full collapse as their agendas, too, have been exposed for their globalist positions on just about everything.  Many of them will face Anti-Trust suits as we begin to dismantle the deep state cabal that has been controlling things since the late 1800s.  

If you're an ordinary citizen reading this editorial, you may find yourself horrified, and maybe even angry at the messenger.  Relax!  Keep your head firmly up your ass, or buried in the sand.  We'll let you know when it is safe to surface.  One thing is for sure – It's going to be a whole new world that emerges out of this mess.

Once there is a new media and a new form of communication, you'll be told what to think.  Don't worry, no one is going to force you to think for yourself.  Why start now? Right?  

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