How Is Conspiracy Theory Able to Survive?

Last night I was asked an important question about Conspiracy Theory!

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that there is some “Wizard Behind the Curtain!”  Surely they would also be powerful enough to also take over social media platforms and disallow stuff that many people label as “conspiracy theory”?

Why indeed is conspiracy talk allowed to reasonably flourish in such in a time of universal deceit?

To figure out why, we have to unpack the word “conspiracy” itself.  When you do that, you can get to see what’s really going on here.  

In my opinion,  social media conspiracy channels are almost exclusively protected by the bizarre semantic history of the word “conspiracy.”

After the JFK assassination, which was bungled in a blatant way for everyone to see, it was clear that only a massive propaganda/brainwashing campaign would prevent the public from mobilizing against the coup plotters.

So the “wizards” (Deep State)  opted to create an entire class of citizens, virtually out of thin air.  They called them “conspiracy theorists”.  They used the term over and over again and through neuro-linguistic programming, they tied the phrase to terrible situations and events. 

It was a very clever ploy to vilify “Conspiracy”, but not an immortal one.

The deep state  needed to funnel our justified anger and frustration away from THEM and  toward anyone who dares to retain the ability of independent thought in a society that idolizes conformity and groupthink.  Let that sink in!

If this campaign was successful, then the deep state would be free to continue to stage obvious events, and label anyone who questions the official narrative as a “conspiracy theorist”.  As we noticed after about 2001, deep state operatives even began to use “crisis actors” to work in their “Live Action Role Plays” (LARPs).


The word “conspiracy” itself became warped beyond all recognition from its original meaning. Even the vernacular use of the word today can be ambiguous  depending upon context.

When someone dismisses an uncomfortable topic, in the very early stages of the event,  as a “conspiracy,” it's a strong indicator that you're dealing with a propaganda artist or someone who has succumbed to this pernicious and weaponized form of groupthink.

Because of this extreme level of semantic propaganda, everything under the label “conspiracy” can be dismissed as fanciful or even lunacy.  Throwing out the label “conspiracy theorist” is a sure way to squelch any conversation on the topic.  You either echo the deep state line on this thing, or you are vilified as a conspiracy theorist.

We recently witness that there appears to be no devious depths to which these operators will go  when describing a tangible concept as a “conspiracy!” The objective is to reduced critics to mere intellectual rubble. 

But Up is Down in Clown World.

Strangely, this scenario affords the conspiracy theorist a strange sense of protection from propagandized consumers of the status quo.

What the deep staters failed to take into consideration was that In a society that has all but relinquished its most cherished freedoms, carrying the label “conspiracy theorist” gives these folks precisely the freedom and latitude they need to speak their minds without fear of further censorship.  After all, “we’re just conspiracy theorists…. right?”  

You See How This All Works?

As long as the word “conspiracy” remains weaponized to attack independent thought, it will simultaneously allow the masses to dismiss these theorists.  Moreover, it will allow them to speak their minds safely under the cover of the  “conspiracy” label.

The dangers is that once the term “conspiracy” loses its potency, it may no longer provide theorists with this semantic shield.

In a post-Epstein, and post-coronavirus world, and one where mainstream media is proven over and over again to be trying to create the narrative, rather than report it, everyone is thus compelled to question all narratives. 

Conspiracy Theorists are being forced into the realm of independent thought.  Since independent thought is the one big thing that threatens the deep state, this presents a major problem for them.  Suddenly we may all become conspiracy theorists.

If we all become conspiracy theorists, the term will finally lose its power, and the half-century-long propaganda exercise will be extinguished.  

You are witnessing the panic every day in these deep state operations.  Every day there are more and more CEO resignations, more pedophile arrests, and more sealed indictments – now more than at any time in world history.  Mainstream media refuses to report news, and instead chooses to report the 4 am talking points given to them by their puppet masters.  

Since the election of Donald Trump, and with the superb comms from QAnon and that movement, the deep state is finally dissolving organically.  That process is, unfortunately, painful for everyone since they will not go down without a fight. 

As we near the end of March 2020, we should expect to see some big and amazing things in the next couple of Months.

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