Liberal Hack Kinsella Attacks Bernier

For as long as I can remember this liberal hack, Kinsella, is found sinking to new lows. This week, the Globe and Mail reported that he had been hired by the Conservative party to drive Maxime Bernier out of contention. According to the report:

Lisa and Warren Kinsella lead Daisy Group, a Toronto-based consulting firm. Documents shown to CBC News reveal Daisy Group produced a project to ‘seek and destroy' Maxime Bernier's People's Party of Canada for a client that a source tells CBC News is the Conservative Party of Canada. (Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press)

The CBC picked up the story and goes on to say this about Kinsella:

Warren Kinsella's Daisy Group consulting firm was behind a social media campaign to put the People's Party of Canada (PPC) on the defensive and keep leader Maxime Bernier out of the federal leaders' debates, according to documents provided to CBC News.

The Peachland Advocate has a few comments on this kind of scumbag tactic. If you are just a citizen with a strong opinion about the negative aspects of a particular party, that is fair game. You are not paid to orchestrate someone's downfall. But when you are paid by the Conservative party to take down your opponent, then that is just wrong on all levels.

The fact that the conservatives would stoop to this level should tell you that they will do just about anything to achieve their agenda. As a citizen, you cannot trust a party with such a low moral tide-line. It tells me that the only viable candidate left is Maxime Bernier.

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