Act of War

Here Is “The Plan” in a Nutshell. We are at War.

Here is a video from the UK leaked Docs regarding the "Permanent Lockdown" in the UK in the coming weeks! We are at war. Read more »
Bonnie Henry

The Lies Exposed by the Numbers: Fear, Misdirection & Institutional Deaths

Here we have conclusive proof that Dr. Bonnie Henry, and others like her, should be removed from office for gross negligence. Read more »

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Crime of the Century

Peachland Citizens – Wake Up!

I've been focussed on this issue since the very beginning. I quickly saw the COVID attack as a plandemic. The science never did add up. You can throw slurs at me all... Read more »

Bio-Terrorism By Vaccination!

Today's feature article is a primer on the covid hoax and bioweapon attack that you are all experiencing right now. The video below is a must watch for anyone interested in... Read more »
Del Bigtree

Bigtree and Jaxen on The Origins of Covid

The COVID-19 lab origin theory, long deemed a conspiracy, is now seriously being considered, thanks to thousands of Anthony Fauci’s emails obtained through FOIA requests. Now published scientists that dismissed this theory... Read more »
Cognitively Impaired

How To Debate The Cognitively Impaired

By now you've had the opportunity to talk about current affairs with people in your inner circle. If you are like most, you will have found your colleagues "unreachable" regarding the... Read more »

Why Peachland Advocate Exists

My last article is bringing a lot of positive feedback! For that, I thank you. It also confirms that we have crossed the tipping point in this war. This is... Read more »
Truth will set you Free

The Truth Dam Is About To Break!

Perhaps some of you have been paying attention over the past year… and perhaps not. It we use "masks" as a barometer for public apathy, then it appears that 90% of you... Read more »

Dr. Roger Hodgkinson Clears the Deck

If you haven't seen this video yet, don't be surprised. Big pharma and big tech do NOT want you to know the truth. They are throwing everything they have at this... Read more »

Criminal Liability Follows The Peddling of This Covid-19 Hoax to Children

Any person involved in the political system, the education system, or even local municipal politicians should understand that they are NOT qualified medical professionals and, therefore, are unlawfully practicing medicine by prescribing,... Read more »