Trudeau Fumbles The Ball!

Yesterday I posted an editorial about the state of Canadian Elections in 2019. Maybe I'm just getting too old, but it seems to me that that candidates are getting weaker and the political climate is getting more divisive.

I heard rumors a few weeks ago that the federal Liberal party was considering taking Justin Trudeau out of the running. Honestly, there was no way I could see that happening. I'm not aware of any high profile Liberals who would be capable of stepping in to carry the Liberal banner forward.

Suddenly yesterday I started seeing accusations of Trudeau wearing a “black face mask” at a party in 2001. People were calling him racist for doing this. I was not so sure.

And today, I see that the story is everywhere on the net. I saw a dozen YouTube videos that cover the story today. They all have a similar message. If it was Scheer, or Harper, or Trump or any conservative that had done this, then there would have been leftist howling from mountain tops. It is this double standard that bothers me.

The fake liberal media is allowing Trudeau to apologize for his digressions, and they are not asking the tough questions. The professionally offended fascist left should be calling from Trudeau's immediate resignation. I'm not hearing it yet!

The Black Pigeon does a great job of explaining the situation here in his video:

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