Trudeau – Mr. Speed Fly Finalist

Seriously, folks. You can't make this stuff up. I was certain that the black face pictures of Trudeau would not be the last of the items to come forward during this election cycle.

When you're not sure if your father was the communist, Pierre Trudeau, or the Communist, Fidel Castro, and when your IQ is clinging desperately to the south slope of the Bell Curve, you are bound to have had a life full of Tabloid documentaries! Today the next salvo in the deep state's effort to take down Trudeau surfaces. It would appear that our Prime Minister was either very good at getting into his pants, or out of them. I'd need to see the entire story to know more.

As this stuff drips onto the scene, I feel badly for the local Liberal candidate who just today got some of her signs up. How do you run for a party that is essentially defined as being “…based upon a political dogma that suffers the illusion it is possible to convince parasites and leeches that they are victims!”

Trudeau - Mr. Speed Fly Finalist 1
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