Understanding US Politics


Talking with some locals this week it occurred to me that many Canadians don't fully understand US politics.  A lot of people here, slurp from the mainstream media cool-aid station. In that respect, they really never have a chance to realize the reality of what's happening in the USA.  

Canadians think that the USA is a democracy.  It is not a democracy. It is a republic. Therein, lays the foundation for civil unrest in the America. Fascists and communists, supported by the Democratic party, want to destroy the “Republic” so that they can install a democracy of sorts.  That will allow them to have the kind of control that our Canadian Prime Minister has over our country.  The USA would never again be free.  That is why a civil war is almost a dead certainty unless Trump can pull off a checkmate move.


FYI – The US House of Representatives is controlled by the Democrats.  The US Senate is controlled by the Republicans.  

Back during the midterms, we were told us the SENATE was the target and the HOUSE was take it or lose it. Many folks didn't understand that concept until just recently. People thought it was all about judicial nominations and confirmations, but that's not it.  The real CHECKMATE is the Senate.

The Plan

For a few weeks now,  people have wondered why Trump is openly calling for democrats to take the impeachment majority vote etc. – especially given that they have the majority in the House.  Trump recently wrote a letter to Pelosi, demanding she call an impeachment vote!  
Nancy Pelosi has been juggling this “pseudo” impeachment process where she hasn't taken the majority vote to establish the impeachment committee and has been issuing pseudo subpoenas that are actually just letters.

Nothing makes sense until you finally realize that once the House passes impeachment it goes to the Senate for the public trial.  That's right folks! A PUBLIC TRIAL is required by law. Two hundred million Americans will tune in as mountains of evidence, testimonies, and video come pouring out. This is where the wheels fall off the wagon for the Democrats.  

The Trap

The democrats are trapped right now with one move left! When they make that move, the process is handed to the Senate where they lose control of everything. All of the previous administration's corruption comes pouring out with hundreds of millions of Americans watching in great detail. The Obama administration, and all of the collateral cronies will be exposed. 

That, my Canadian friends, is what they call CHECKMATE!

The Art of War

I've never seen this game played better than Donald Trump is playing it today. All of the pieces are falling nicely into place. It's going to be mind-boggling to watch the players tumble from grace.

For more on US Politics, see this Wikipedia Site

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