Frequently Asked Questions

Peachland Advocate

This page is going to be dedicated to compiling a list of questions that need to be answered in order for Peachland to move forward in Prosperity! The Advocate Will Soon Be Offering a “Forum” Where These Questions Can Be Fully Vetted

  1. Given the nature of the website, is there any use of the cookie system for marketing and retargeting potential visitors to the community?
  2. Has the Mayor and council considered tree contract services from people like Asplundh Canada who have over 90 years in the tree care business?
  3. Has Peachland considered using grant writing services to access money for special projects?¬† These services work on a “percentage of the grant” for fees, so there is no upfront cost.

Any council member or community official that cares to answer any of these questions can contact me directly through the Contact Page.