GlobalTV Should be Sued For Crimes Against Humanity

This evening my wife turned on the TV to check out news about any local fires. She turned on GLOBAL TV. I haven't watched Global in years since they have proven time and time again that they don't care about facts. I was shocked to see wall-to-wall talk of COVID and Vaccines! Are these people NUTS? Are they aware that Minister Farnworth canceled the BC emergency orders on July 1st? Are they aware of the now proven life-threatening dangers of the so-called vaccine? Are they aware that “vaccinated persons” are dying at nearly ten times the rate of others? Are they aware that the shot they are pushing is nothing more than a medical experiment that was given emergency authorization to be tested on humans? Are they aware that all of the animals in the trials before humans were offered up… died?

In my opinion, everyone from global TV that is involved in pushing this deadly medical experiment, and in continuing to push an agenda of lies and fear at the population should be sued for crimes against humanity.

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