Stew Peters

Stew Peters Exposes Fake Jab and Much More!

This video is amazing. It would never survive for an hour on Youtube. So we've brought it to you here on Peachland Advocate! Read more »
Dr. Fauci

Dr. Ardis Blows the Whistle on Dr. Fauci and Remdesivir

Sooner or later the death numbers are going to catch up to this fellow. Dr. Fauci appears to have a very poor record going back to the days of HIV treatment.... Read more »

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Vaccine Death Report

Vaccine Death Report – The Report that Shakes Globalists to their Core!

I got this email today from the writers of the "Vaccine Death Report." This critical report needs far and wide distribution. I am enclosing the author's full email to me.... Read more »
What Happened at Wuhan

Special Investigation: What Really Happened at Wuhan

This Sky News video documentary is an excellent peek at how the Covid-19 was started and later marketed around the world. (The video is on YouTube at the moment, however, if... Read more »

Ivermectin! The Video That The Entire World Needs to See!

Laura Lynn interviews Dr. Bryan Arids on the media's conspiracy theory that Ivermectin is NOT approved for use on Covid patients. Ivermectin is most definitely used and approved as a treatment... Read more »
Project Veritas

Pfizer Scientist: Natural Immunity Is Better Than the COVID Vaccine

Project Veritas’ fourth video in its COVID vaccine investigative series quotes two Pfizer scientists who said natural immunity is better than Pfizer’s vaccine, and one who called the company “evil” and said... Read more »
Pfizer Whistleblower

Pfizer Whistleblower Lays it out!

Project Veritas continues to do the right thing. Veritas does what our mainstream media have failed to do. At some point, someone is going to march into these pharma companies and... Read more »

Genocide by Vaccine

I'm not sure what is wrong with humanity. I saw this clearly from day one. It is a power-play by globalists to take full control of the planet. That said, I... Read more »
Kim Iverson

BOMBSHELL Report Suggests Natural Immunity Triggers Better Response Against COVID

Kim Iversen makes the case for rethinking COVID-19 immunity after a new report appears to cast doubt on the immuno-response of vaccine immunity. Read more »
Proof of no pandemic

Proof There’s No Pandemic!

When I was growing up, there were always plenty of intelligent people around. When I attended University, there were plenty of critics who could challenge any of my medical essays and verify... Read more »