Ground Therapy Sleep Mat

Ground Therapy Sleep Mat

Includes: one 27″ x 72″ sleep mat, one outlet checker, one 15 foot cord

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Customer Review:

I have been sleeping on this mat for four weeks now, and yes I do believe it works. Here is my story……

I'm a mail carrier in Central NY, I walk 10 – 16 miles a day (lately thru a lot of deep snow). I have no choice but to abuse my body. I'm also 62 years old. I was always amazed how the human body repairs and regenerates itself overnight, but I still woke up with pain. After seeing all the data on Grounding I decided it was a cheap price to pay for comfort so why not give it a try. Like some of the other reviews, I seemed to notice changes right away but still wondering if it was my imagination. I noticed the tingling sensation first, also felt more rested during sleep. I fell asleep more quickly. Another review said something about better dreams, I also noticed that, and dreams about people and events in the past I totally forgot about.

I know they say you really notice a change in 8 weeks, but after four weeks I feel stronger when I wake up, my body feels great the second I lay on that leather, I like the coolness and feel of the mat, I sleep directly on it. I'm up a few times in the night to use the bathroom and instantly fall back to sleep when I get back into bed. My feet, legs, and back take a beating during the day and are reenergized faster and stronger with this mat. I feel more rested and ready to go when I get up. My work is demanding and sometimes I'm scheduled for 14 days before I

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