Let’s Get Grounded!

Let's Get Grounded!

For many years I've been studying the effects of natural remedies as they pertain to one's overall health and wellness. Way back in 1976 I briefly considered entering medical school since my interest and grades indicated this would be my ideal field of endeavor.  What the vocational measurement tool failed to measure was my concurrent disdain, and sometimes aggressive reaction to corruption,  big pharma, big government and pretty much any draconian overlord.  I realized very early in the game that Big Pharma owns the medical system, most University research projects, most governments, and all of the agencies responsible for policing health care. People should understand one thing clearly if nothing else.  There is no money in healthy people.  All of the money is in the sick.  People need to be sick in order to keep this patheticly corrupt system running.

That said, I do spend a lot of time working with alternative health therapies.  I try and test lots of things for myself and my family.  And one thing that really intrigues me lately is the concept of Grounding!  Along these lines, I found this video to be excellent.

Grounding Concepts

Think about a time when you were the most healthy. When was that?  If you are like the rest of us, you think back to when we were kids.  Running on the beach. Playing outdoors.  Hiking, camping, backyard parties!  Think about little kids.  Eating dirt! Playing in the dirt! The one thing they all have in common is that they are connected to the earth.

By contrast, today we wear fake shoes we buy at Walmart. We almost never walk barefoot in the sand. Your body is fully insulated from being able to balance its electrons.  Add to this the fact that you are bombarded with maybe as many as 20 WIFI networks in your home! Did you know that your BC Hydro power meter is a wifi network?  Get a wifi app for your phone and have a look.  Your poor body has no chance if you don't take steps to fix this. Peachland could be the “Grounding” capital of Canada! Now there's a tourist attraction!

The Grounding Starter Kit:

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