Vaccines – What You Need To Know


This article is going to shock you. It might even anger you, if you've been slurping the propaganda for any length of time.  I would not be doing you any favors if I did not disclose some of my research on this subject.

I'm not going to sugar-coat this information. In an era where people appear to be lulled into a stupor by the FAKE media organizations like CBC, CTV, Global, BCTV, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and others – it becomes critical that those of us who are awake take the time to do the research that most people just won't, or can't, do. I understand fully that people are busy with their lives and their families and children. It takes time and determination to find this data.


For most people, the significant task of chasing down the truth in anything is a difficult task and one that is a complete uphill battle.  Not only do you face the anger from rogue corporations who've been exposed, but also you feel the disdain from people too ignorant or uninformed about the subject, while at the same time willing to mount an aggressive defense about the propaganda they've been fed.

As the old saying goes, “I can lead  you to the water, but I can't drink it for you!”

How did we get into the mess?  And by “mess”, I mean this entire system where we passively accept as true, data that any thinking person ought to know is erroneous at best, and deceptive at worst.

The Truth Behind Vaccines

You all know what vaccines are.  But when you look at who's pushing vaccines, does it concern you?  These are the same people that are trying to make you believe the lie that humans can control climate change.  They are the same people who tried to develop a world-wide currency around “plant food” (carbon), despite a mountain of real evidence to suggest that climates have always changed and they always will.  But I digress…

Do you know what a vaccine insert is?  Has your doctor ever offered to let you read one?  

A vaccine insert is the very large piece of paper that shows all the ingredients, the side effects and contraindications of each vaccine. These inserts are in every vaccine shipment by LAW. You have the legal right to read the insert yourself before you decide whether or not you will allow it to be injected into you.

I would argue that  you have an obligation to read the inserts before you vaccinate.  You decide if you want this stuff injected into you or your precious children.

Below are pictures and screen captures of vaccine inserts directly taken from the vaccine manufactures websites and the CDC. 

Everyone who considers vaccines an option for themselves or their children should take the time to read this material.

Documented Proof

Vaccines Bad
Vaccines - What You Need To Know 1
MMR Vaccine Insert
Vaccines Bad for you
Vitamin K Injection Warnings
Danger of Vaccines
Vaccines and Disease
Caution about Vaccines
Vaccines Warnings
Caution about Vaccines
SIDS and Vaccines
Autism and vaccines
Autism and Vaccines
Caution about Vaccines
CDC Disclosure
Viruses In Vaccines
Viruses In Vaccines
Vaccines big list
Vaccines – The Ingredients Label

This material is freely available to anyone who cares to do the research. If you want more chilling testimony, then take a look at this video coverage of Dr. Maurice Hilleman – who created the polio vaccine.

Dr. Hillemon talks about the numbers of viruses in vaccines and about the potential for a world-wide cancer pandemic.

In Part 2 of this series, I'll talk about why the powers that be didn't care about the damage vaccines were doing. I hope to publish that in the next week.

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