Another excellent report on the subject of Ivermectin. While the corrupt media tries to tell you that Ivermectin is a “horse dewormer”, intelligent people see right through their evil political agenda. Did anyone go to school?

The chemical formula for Ivermectin is: C48H74O14

Here is the Ivermectin Molecule:

If someone were to change this Ivermectin formula, it would cease to be Ivermectin. It would be something else. Let's look at the example of WATER. The formula is H2O. But what happens when you add another oxygen molecule? It becomes H2O2 – Hydrogen Peroxide!

So when these fools try to tell you that Ivermectin is a “horse dewormer”, they are really telling you that you are over the target and your thoughts on the subject are correct. But since their agenda is to bring physical harm to you, they are suppressing EVERYTHING that shows any promise of treatment. Part of the reason for this is that they will not be able to get a vaccine designation for their toxic mRNA bioweapon if “other potential treatments are available…”

Interestingly, things seem to be changing fast starting today. Facebook came under global attack and lost its service for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp for many hours. Facebook stock price tumbled on news that Facebook has been selling your private data. An incredible 1.2 billion of you are now fully exposed. Zuckerberg himself took a $7 billion hit! I call that “a great start!”

Next, Canada has announced the first Vaccine Injury Program. People who are injured as a result of the toxic mRNA jab will now be able to seek compensation. These numbers are going to be HUGE!

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