It’s Time to Move Voting Systems into The Latest Century!

If anyone has been paying attention the the “vote count” activities in a dozen southern US states, then you'll realize that the fascist left is in a full-blown panic. The decades-long system for cheating is about to be exposed. As we near the day when they will be fully exposed, we see more and more false-flag operations that are designed to distract your attention from what is really going on.

It is speculated that voter fraud has been going on for at least 4 decades and that even California is not blue, but fully RED! The evidence already in hand is enough to bring down the entire American system. Financed by big Corporations and big tech, corrupt US politicians have long milked the fraudulent system. It is time for a change in the way we vote.

There are so many good, secure voting systems in the world. The countries that emerged from the USSR, like Estonia, for example.  Here's a sample of their voter ID system (shown below).  Newsflash for Libtards: BC is about to be offered Vote Check! This is a system where when you've voted you can go back in and examine your vote.  You can see if it is still there and counted.  The system will ensure that your vote is counted the right way.  The best way to audit is to allow voters to TRACK the progress of THEIR vote in the system.  You get a receipt when you shop at Home Depot or any other store. With this new system, you'll get a receipt when you shop for your local politician!

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