Ivermectin! The Video That The Entire World Needs to See!

Laura Lynn interviews Dr. Bryan Arids on the media's conspiracy theory that Ivermectin is NOT approved for use on Covid patients. Ivermectin is most definitely used and approved as a treatment protocol. So this brings up the million-dollar question! WHY ARE THEY SUPPRESSING IVERMECTIN?

Possible Reasons?

  1. Ivermectin is an effective treatment protocol that would be so effective that vaccines would not be necessary – resulting in the loss of tens of billions of dollars to big pharma (The Vanguard Group).
  2. Ivermectin's utility is so broad that it is effecting of other ailments such as cancer and some neurological disorders. If this was the case, then big pharma could kiss a few more billion dollars good-bye.

Whatever the reason is, we NOW KNOW that the media is your enemy and they will not tell you the truth. We also know that some force greater than local governments is forcing doctors to lie and abandon their Hippocratic oath.

Download the Document

You can find the document they talk about right here! Download it and show your doctor and anyone else who tries to push the conspiracy theory that Ivermectin doesn't work!

Just in case they take down the Ivermectin Table now that they have been caught, I've captured page and pasted it below.

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