Leftism As a Mental Disease

This is a small quote from a larger article I am writing on the subject. People keep asking me to tell them why I think that Leftists suffer a mental condition. So, I'm working on it. but check this video out! They clearly have aa huge problem.

From the Article:

Leftists fight against the fabric of reality itself because they cannot bear the fact that human behavior and abilities are genetic. Any group that ends up in an inferior position within society, therefore, is not to be held accountable for their actions, but rather society at large.
This leads to the conclusion that leftists have a deficit in their sense of power and self-worth, but they still conceive of themselves as having the capacity to be strong. This is only the case in the framework of large movements or groups because the leftists cannot conceive of themselves as individually strong and valuable.  A perfect example of this would be Antifa, a terrorist organization that engages in street violence but only in the context of large, anonymous groups.”

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