Peachland Dental Centre

Ok, this might sound weird… but who writes about their favorite dental office?  Well, it turns out I do. As part of my goal to feature outstanding businesses in the area, I want to start first with The Peachland Dental Centre!

As I thought about what to say about this dental centre, I imagined how much I value the work they do.  I've only been evaluating dental offices for 60 years, so I can think back and compare! 

Peachland Dental CenterA real measure is thinking about how far would you would travel just to get the level of service these folks offer?  I think that if I lived in Salmon Arm or Vernon or even Osoyoos, I would travel to Peachland for the outstanding service that staff delivers.  And when I say staff, I mean everyone from reception to the hygienists to the dentists!

Ironically, after I wrote that last sentence, I found this piece on the Peachland Dental Centre website:

Since opening in 1993, Peachland Dental has grown to be one of the largest family practices in the Okanagan. Many of our patients live close by, but some travel from as far south as Oroville, Washington and from as far north as Revelstoke. No matter where our patients come from, we want to make Peachland Dental Centre feel like home.

Peachland Dental Center

If you are a parent with young children or teens, get them in to see Joanne, who is my nominee for Hygienist of the decade! I have a dental plan, but I choose to visit more often than the plan covers. I get cleaning done every 4 months.  Sure, I pay a small price for such a service that is over and above my plan, but the cost of NOT doing it is staggering! Developing good oral hygiene early in life is one of the best investments you'll ever make in your children. 

The staff at Peachland Dental Centre are the best people and dental service providers I've met in many years.  If they don't watch out, they'll find themselves listed by the tourist centre as a tourism destination! At the very least, they'll need to add one more storey to that building just to meet the demand!

That's my take!  Go check them out now!

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