Election Planning

Election Planning

As we approach this year's municipal election, its time to start reviewing what the various candidates stand for.  In order to know who I will be voting for, I must understand what the candidate stands for and I must know that the candidate clearly understands who runs the community.  

Some candidates, I've been told (by a little birdie), suffer the illusion that long-standing Peachland staff run things!  I really hope this proves to be just a silly rumor.  The citizens of Peachland run the community, and it is through their elected proxies (the councilors) that staff are given instruction about business priorities.  The staff role is to “advise”. Staff has access to tools and resources to “make things happen”, and so in that respect, some people might think that staff runs the town.  They don't!  And any staff that does, should take notice. Things are going to change.

I plan on interviewing all of the candidates, and I plan to ask them questions at all candidates meetings. I believe that Peachland needs a clear path forward and a way of balancing citizen initiate with common sense business practice.  Decisions have to be well grounded and researched and should have the support of the majority.  I believe in the collective wisdom of the citizens at large.  If I'm not totally happy with all that I find, I may consider running for council myself, but that will be a last option. 

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