My 35-Day Journey to Covid Hell and Back

I put off starting this article for a few days. But today I believe I am on or near day 35 of my Journey to Covid Hell and back! I am compelled to write this article because I get so many requests for information regarding how I am feeling, how I am and progressing, and what was it like to suffer from Covid.

Apart from contracting and suffering from the infection itself, there was a lot going on concerning this issue. Before we get into the ‘meat' of how I beat this thing, let's cover some of the things that I learned on this journey.

What I Learned

The British Columbia Health Care System is in near full collapse. They have fallen under the control of a quasi-political regime hell-bent on harming citizens.

Doctors can no longer be trusted for medical advice. I'm not saying doctors are bad people. I am saying that some unknown force has usurped their authority and autonomy to do no harm and to provide medical attention to the citizens of BC.

The Media is the enemy! The Media is the Virus! Make no mistake. All mainstream media are the enemy. We are in an asymmetrical war where media resources are the tools of the dominant political regime trying to gain or maintain power. A recent FOI request from a patriot in Alberta showed that the Trudeau government not only gave $800 million to the big mainstream media but he also gave approximately $80,000 to most of the local papers across the province.

Ordinary Citizens lack the will and the resources to find the truth for themselves. And when the truth is presented, they often just echo the narrative given to them by the corrupt enemies from the media. The enemy has been very effective this way.

There is a clear and transparent effort to suppress any form of treating ailments related to Covid-19. When the local health authorities, along with their co-conspirators in media, all echo the same stories, their agenda becomes clear. In the face of thousands of studies around the world regarding the utility and efficacy of Ivermectin, doctors in this province continue to lie about Ivermectin's potential for saving lives.

Governments across this country are going to need to be tossed out and replaced. Not a single government has been able to withstand the pressure put on them to lie to their citizens and to put their citizens in harm's way. This speaks to the power that some entity must have in controlling them. To sort this out, we are going to have to “follow the money”.

My first avenue of investigation in this realm would be to go after and fully expose The Vanguard Group and all of their potential ties and connections to governments, big pharma, media, and criminal organizations.

Next, we are going to need to put constraints upon the operating methodologies of the mainstream media. We need to discontinue ALL funding that flows from any government in Canada. We need to disallow all government Lobbying by any of these corporate interests.

And finally, we will need to reign in the Canadian CRTC. This organization is a hotbed of liberal/progressive agents for the enemy.

Now Let's Look At the Lifecycle of My Personal Covid Infection

Somewhere near the middle of August 2021, I was feeling otherwise good, but I noticed that in the mid-afternoons I got tired and often went to bed for a nap. After a two-hour nap, I usually felt great again. This went on until about September 8th, when I started feeling poorly.

On September 9th, I felt really bad and had to sleep most of the day. I realized that it was likely that Covid had grabbed me. I immediately wrote down and researched my treatment protocol.

I lost my sense of smell and taste for about three days starting September 13th. But by September 11th, I was already taking my protocols to beat this thing. By September 15th, my smell and taste returned.

On September 17th, I had a really bad stomach ache and ended up taking some Pepto Bismal which quickly made me feel better. Over the next few days, I felt like I had a stomach infection. The symptoms were much like food poisoning.

From September 18th to 20th I felt like I had a head cold. I was running a slight fever but had that under control with cold towels. I took extra precautions to keep my chest warm at all times, even it if meant sweating all of the time. I did not want fluids condensing in my lungs. To support this function, I took Oil of oregano twice per day.

On September the 20th, both my wife and I went to the “Urgent Services Clinic” in Westbank. What I noticed there was the cold-hearted treatment from the doctors. When I asked about something to take for what I was feeling, they rapid-fired back their parroted narrative – “There's nothing that can treat this!”

Well, excuse me! I'm not your Joe-average client. I attended the University of Victoria where I excelled in the medical sciences. Medical Science, and more prominently, medical healing was my passion for the past 45 years. Add to this that my second passion is computers, programming, and data analysis, you can see how this might turn out badly from those who want to debate this issue.

The result today is that I have thousands of studies from around the world saved on my drives. I have over 40 GB of data just related to the Covid lies and misinformation that the enemy is spreading. The evidence is both clear and abundant. There are treatments for Covid-19 but for some reason, the highest powers don't want them known.

On September 21st the Interior Health Authority called to tell me that my Covid test was POSITIVE. Shocking to see in print, but nothing I wasn't expecting. My wife received the same news.

My wife was hit by this a bit harder than me and seems to have contracted it about four days after me. She quickly developed significant lung issues and was unable to walk from the shower to the bed without feeling like she would pass out. I carried her to the bath tub, washed her, washed her hair, and then dried her before taking her back to her bed.

My wife continued to use our protocols during this period. She also used some Benalyn cough syrup. She had been coughing for days. One day, she even took a Benadryl. This knocked her out for about 12 hours and she got lots of good sleep.

We both started using Ivermectin that we had found back on September 13th. We estimated the safe dose to be 3 mg. – based upon my research online and from doctors in the USA that were using the same protocols. As it turns out this week, India declared itself Covid–FREE and they credit their distribution of 3 mg Ivermectin tablets as the reason.

Late note: I added this link to a massive number of Ivermectin studies and reports. So when the enemy reports on TV that Ivermectin doesn't work, tune them out – permanently!

I didn't want to use much of the Ivermectin, since we didn't have a big supply. It needed to last for both of us. What I did notice was that within 3 hours – in every instance over a 3-week period, both of us started to feel better after taking Ivermectin.

After about two weeks of up and down agony, we both started to show signs of improvement! But believe me, those 14 days were difficult! And the recovery progression was anything but a straight-line recovery. We would feel good one day, then boom… back to feeling awful! I noticed that my wife was on a progression that was about 3 days behind me. Fighting this virus can be depressing if you aren't strong.

As I write this article, I am on day 28. I feel better but still weak. If I try to talk on the phone my chest feels weak. I'm guessing that by about day 35, I will be very near to full recovery. And the best news of all is that once I am free of this virus, I will have among the strongest immune systems on the planet!

I see the Vaccinated persons now as though they were THE WALKING DEAD. They will continue to walk among us shedding their spike proteins and infecting us all. Was this by design? Studies coming in now suggest that people with a natural immunity are 66 times less likely to be affected by covid-19. Meanwhile the enemy, through their media connections, continues to attempt to flip the script by blaming the unvaccinated. Sometimes I wonder if these people can think at all. It's like saying, “I'm vaccinating my dog against Rabies so that the neighbor's dog doesn't get Rabies!”

So Why All the Supplements?

In the 45 years that I've been studying and research natural health and wellness, there are a few gems that I discovered. I'll relate here why I chose to use these supplements. The description of what I did and why I did it IS NOT to be construed as medical advice. It is not. It is me telling you what I chose to do.

The first one – that is not linked in the chart below – is Wild Oil of Oregano. Way back in 1986 I had asthma and I had picked up a bug from drinking the creek water in the mountains around Chilliwack, BC. My doctor in Chilliwack was a guy I graduated with back in high school. He was about to retire and told me that to get rid of my giardia bug I should useWild Oil of Oregano. He told me that the medical association really frowned upon offering indications for anything that is not listed in the medical compendium. He no longer cared. He was retiring!

I went to the US Patent office to researchWild Oil of Oregano. What I found was that the active ingredient inWild Oil of Oregano is Carvacrol. At the patent office, there were three pharmaceutical companies trying to patent a carrier protocol to deliverWild Oil of Oregano to humans. I discovered in reviewing the pharma submitted justification papers that they indicatedWild Oil of Oregano was more powerful than their top five antibiotics!

So I addedWild Oil of Oregano to my protocols to replace the standard indication for an antibiotic known as Azithromycin. I already knew that my own doctor was under quasi-political arrest from a vocational standpoint. There was no way at his tender age… that he would step out and do the right thing in giving me some antibiotics. He had too much to lose.

Next, I studied the results of the US VAERS system that collects adverse events from a medical perspective. I discovered that many of the covid related symptoms attack capillary function in the extremities of the body. To me, this indicated some form of Vaso-Constriction was happening. If that was the case, I expected that we would start to see more strokes and heart attacks. Sadly, that is exactly what happened.

My plan to counter this effect was to use NAC – N-Acetyl-Cysteine. In the linked report, you will see some of the things that NAC is indicated for. At the US National Library of Medicine, you will find THIS REPORT that outlines the efficacy of NAC in the treatment of Covid-19. If you care to do the research, you will find that there are many more studies like this one. While you are here, check out this video below from a doctor who talks about NAC.

The Media is the virus

The “pillar” supplement that I used was Quercetin with Zinc. If you remember when we were kids they used to say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!” I believe this is because an apple contains quercetin. Here is the significance of quercetin. Your body's cells are FAT-SOLUBLE. The minerals and supplements that you mostly take are WATER-SOLUBLE. The problem is always how to get the supplement across this fat-soluble barrier. To do that, you need a key. That key is medically referred to as an ionophore. To test this hypothesis, I took 600 MG of quercetin every day, along with 100 mg of zinc.

My next STAPLE supplement was Vitamin D3 with K2. This is not a topic for the glib or ADHD types. To illustrate the importance of D3 you need to see what real doctors and researchers are saying. Reading this, too, you'll realize even more just how much they are lying to you. It's difficult material, but you'll get the gist. Vitamin D3 controls over 3000 processes in the human body. Virtually no one in North America gets enough Vitamin D3. I take 12000 IU per day

Myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, thrombosis, arrhythmias and cardiomyopathy became the talk of the town (or globe!) during the ongoing pandemic and scientific data backed the notion that there was a clear-cut association between these cardiovascular complications and present prevalence of COVID-19 (Clerkin et al., 2020). These studies showed that the patients hospitalized for COVID-19 manifested abnormalities during electrocardiography as well as echocardiogram with an increase in cardiac biomarkers (Guo et al., 2020). About 30% of COVID-19 patients also presented with cardiomyopathy (Arentz et al., 2020). 1α,25(OH)2D3 plays a crucial role in the prevention of cholesterol build-up in the arteries by preventing the conversion of macrophages to foam cells (Oh et al., 2009) and enhancing the cholesterol efflux from blood vessels (Yin et al., 2015) and thus may provide protection against arteriosclerosis. Besides, activation of VDR by 1α,25(OH)2D3 can induce endothelial repair through stimulation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) (Norman and Powell, 2014). This pathway can also induce thrombomodulin expression and NO production and inhibit NF-κB and IL-6 expression and further mitigate the negative effects caused in response to arteriosclerosis (Norman and Powell, 2014). Various risk factors that have been related to morbidity and mortality caused due to COVID-19 are also associated to vitamin D3 inadequacy. Such risk factors include: hypertension (Kunutsor et al., 2013), obesity (Pereira-Santos et al., 2015), diabetes (Song et al., 2013) and kidney diseases (Dusso and Tokumoto, 2011). In mice models with knocked out genes for CYP27B1 or VDR, progression of atherosclerosis, myocardial hypertrophy with upregulation of RAAS, altered vascular function, hypertension and elevated thrombogenicity has been reported (Ni et al., 2014). COVID-19 patients are also at increased risk of similar thrombotic complications however, the mechanisms are yet to be explored. Deficient vitamin D3 levels may be a contributing factor towards this problem as VDR is constitutively expressed in blood vessels (Pilz et al., 2016). In addition, few studies also try to correlate the deficiency of vitamin D3 towards cardio-vascular complications (Khademvatani et al., 2014Wu and He, 2018), a repercussion in SARS-CoV-2 infection as well.

I added this one (Black Seed Oil) late in the game. Researching takes hundreds of hours. I had other pressing priorities before I re-discovered Black Seed Oil! You can read some of the many clinical trials and studies on Black Seed Oil over at the Us National Library of Medicine. In terms of direct connections to use in Covid patients, you can read the many Black Seed/Covid studies HERE. Black seed is reported to have effective use for anti-inflammatory needs. If you read the science in the studies, you'll see why it might be indicated for use with Covid. Use everything you have to prevent the virus from owning your lungs!

Here is a quote from one of the studies at the US National Library of Medicine:

Nigella sativa seed and its active compounds have been historically recognized as an effective herbal panacea that can establish a balanced inflammatory response by suppressing chronic inflammation and promoting healthy immune response. The essential oil and other preparations of N. sativa seed have substantial therapeutic outcomes against immune disturbance, autophagy dysfunction, oxidative stress, ischemia, inflammation, in several COVID‐19 comorbidities such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, Kawasaki‐like diseases, and many bacterial and viral infections. Compelling evidence in the therapeutic efficiency of N. sativa along with the recent computational findings is strongly suggestive of combating emerged COVID‐19 pandemic. Also, being an available candidate in nutraceuticals, N. sativa seed oil could be immensely potential and feasible to prevent and cure COVID‐19. This review was aimed at revisiting the pharmacological benefits of N. sativa seed and its active metabolites that may constitute a potential basis for developing a novel preventive and therapeutic strategy against COVID‐19. Bioactive compounds of N. sativa seed, especially thymiquinone, α‐hederin, and nigellidine, could be alternative and promising herbal drugs to combat COVID‐19. Preclinical and clinical trials are required to delineate detailed mechanism of N. sativa‘s active components and to investigate their efficacy and potency under specific pathophysiological conditions of COVID‐19.

The next one that I want to discuss is Olive leaf Extract. Like Black Seed Oil, Olive Leaf Extract has similar utility and function. Once again, the focus was on controlling a potential cytokine storm. Once you let this disease morph into pneumonia, that is when the body count starts rising. And of course, the extra concern is that we now understand that doctors are NOT going to give you the medications you need. This might be a parallel and perhaps more concerning issue.

The next supplement I used was Arginine and Citruline. Arginine and Citrulline have long been known to affect nitric oxide in the blood. The science indicates that these amino acids can result in higher NO2 levels in the blood which in turn relaxes the blood vessels and counteracts any form of restriction happening. You can start reading the studies HERE if you are interested in educating yourself.

From my discussion with people generally around town, I sense that too many of them are too far gone to help. What I really notice is that those who have swallowed the enemy's narrative all along, are the most aggressive in denial of the truth. I used to think that they were just poor fools. I've subsequently changed my mind on that. I now think that they are AFRAID OUT OF THEIR MINDS! They bought the enemy's conspiracy about the covid pandemic. They took the experimental gene therapy injection, and now they have seen the death numbers start to come in. The last thing that any of them want to hear is that they've just increased their chances of dying significantly.

Sadly, these poor folks rolled the dice without first checking out the game. They trusted the media and the government. If you read the resource (that is also linked below) you'll see how the law firm of Rank and Company does a very good job of outlining what is coming.

Countries all over the world are beginning to terminate their COVID agendas. The wall is cracking. No one can hold this together.

“Let the truth set you free!”

The Latter Stages of My Covid Battle

As I mentioned earlier. I'm on day 28 right as I write this article. My energy has been way up for the past 5 days. That is not to say it lasts all day. I still get tired, but not so tired that I want to go to bed. The energy boost may be a result of the Black Seed oil and the Olive Leaf extract. Both are reported to affect energy production.

When I talk with friends on the phone, I notice the biggest effect of this thing throughout. Talking makes me cough a bit and I feel like someone is still standing on my chest. I otherwise feel fine. So I know the fight is not over yet. But I also know that I have the upper hand now.

My wife has progressed quite a bit as well. She is still coughing a lot, but she is able to be up and moving around. She watches TV at night and is progressing well. She is talking about wanting to get onto the exercise bike to start building her strength up again.


First the Political Conclusions

I don't you to walk away from this article thinking that I am saying there is no Covid-19 virus. That is not the case. Clearly, there is a virus and from what I can tell it is much worse than any virus I've had to fight in my lifetime – and that is 67 years!

What I am saying is that some force that is higher and more powerful than our governments has hijacked this virus to use for political purposes. The big, and perhaps FATAL, mistake they made was in suppressing the potential cures for this disease. By doing that they placed themselves in “checkmate.” Some people speculate that they suppressed potential treatments and cures because they know that the rules of the FDA are that if a cure or treatment exists, then the potential vaccine does not get approved. So it would seem that the people who stand to gain from this are the people who own the big pharmaceutical companies.

If “The Vanguard Group” owns Pfizer or any other big pharma, and if they own the media, and if they own most politicians… then this scenario begins to make sense.

The Big Fix will come when we are collectively awake enough to replace our corrupt and compromised politicians and governments. We'll need to have a lot of grassroots involvement, and we will need to develop people-centered policies moving forward.

We'll need to outlaw all forms of lobbying. Local politicians should NOT be free to exercise their personal discretion on big issues. We should follow the lead of Switzerland where the big issues are driven by the will of the people.

We will need to terminate all of the local “Health Authorities” in the province and put the local Hospital Boards or Associations back in control. Doctors must retain the freedom to be doctors. Doctors must never be suppressed or interfered with by anyone other than a board of peers.

And finally, we need to terminate all government funding that goes to any media company or media organization. The executives at the head of these corporations should be charged with crimes against humanity so that we can find new leaders and move on.

My Health Conclusions

The left has been pounding this into us for the better part of a decade – MY BODY MY CHOICE! Well in this case I agree with them. No one should be forced or offered inducements to take this highly experimental mRNA gene therapy injection. I don't know about you, but I find this ad below to be highly offensive. The people behind this ad should be criminally charged.

As you will see in some of the linked resources on this article. the injection is NOT a vaccine. It doesn't qualify under the definition of vaccine, yet the enemy is trying to pass it off as a vaccine because it sounds less ominous. This is, at the very least, false advertising. It also flies in the face of the Nuremberg Code.

In order to beat this virus and to prevent it from getting any serious traction, my opinion is that you need to “throw the kitchen sink at it” – as Joe Rogan recently said on his podcast.

I chose to do hundreds of hours of research and to study dozens of clinical trials to find out what the mechanisms of action were for this virus. I took what I learned then compared the viral outcomes to the hypothesized findings from the study of a multitude of natural products and supplements. I learned about the effectiveness of the supplements that I listed in this article, then I tested them to see how they might help me.

I did not count on this virus lasting 35 days or more! I didn't see that one coming. I think the biggest issue with the time factor for this virus was that you have to work hard to NOT get depressed or despondent. When you begin to feel good for a couple of days, then suddenly you wake up feeling really crappy again – this can be disheartening. I overcame this by continuing to do my research online and building my list of those who need to be prosecuted once we regain control.

My final conclusion is that until we can terminate the force that is overriding the common sense for our local governments, health authorities, doctors, and ‘Stepford Citizens' then we are going to have to realize that our survival will rely on us, as individuals, to take control and to research the factors that are making us sick, and the ones that have the potential to help us to remain healthy and well.

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