Corona Virus Reaches Canada

The Corona Virus is Here

January 26th, 2020 – Update

The Corona Virus is now doubling its numbers of infected every 30 hours. It shows a kill rate of between 4% and 5%.

One thing you can always bank on with globalist governments is that they will never tell you the truth. They will tell you what is expedient for them, and what supports their agenda – and they ALWAYS have an agenda! Rest assured, your health and wellness is not a high priority for them.

In the past ten days, I have been following a cover-up by globalist health authorities. That cover-up is called “the corona virus.” In light of health authority bungling, as of today, there are 56 million people under quarantine in China! The corona virus will kill approximately 3% the people it infects. The gestation period for the virus is so long, people who have it could infect hundreds of others by the time they show symptoms.

It Is Time For Universal Precautions!

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Yesterday I posted about the trustworthiness of globalist governments. Today (January 26th) we get confirmation that my suspicions were correct. Once again we are being used and abused.

Corona Virus Reaches Canada 1
The Fascists at Youtube have censored this video. They suffer the illusion that by removing the video, they can control the narrative. Nothing could be further from the truth. From here forward, we will download the videos and serve them up from our own servers. The truth cannot be suppressed!

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